Clint Eastwood and the Empty Chair

If talking to empty chairs is bad, Obama needs to start holding rallies in broom closets | The Daily Caller.

Everyone’s talking about Clint Eastwood’s surprise comedy routine at the Republican convention last night.
The first thing that came to Pharmer’s mind, looking at that chair,  was the  Sedevacantists (the Catholic group which believes that the chair of the Pope has been empty since Pope Pius XII). Perhaps Clint is a political Sedevacantist.
It’s not unreasonable to believe  that the chair of the U.S. president has been empty since Bush left. The judgment that such an occupant should have is certainly absent.

Clint Eastwood appears to have upset  mmm mmm mmm,  Barack Hussein Obama, who responded with a tweet:  “This seat’s taken”, and a rear view of his seated highness,  which you can see  HERE.