Indiana Landslide: Mourdock sends Lugar into Retirement

Senate veteran Richard Lugar loses primary to tea party-backed GOP State Treasurer after six terms .

Yes, a 60/40 split is a true landslide.  Your friendly Pharmer has been waiting for Lugar to retire.

Signs that Lugar had been in place for two long were his approval of Obama’s Supreme court appointees and his HHS secretary.   He had lost the support of pro-lifers and the NRA.

Despite Lugar’s 10 to 1 ad expenditures, he could not defeat the strong Teaparty support behind Mourdock.  Towards the end, the incumbent was begging democrats to cross over and and support him in the primary.  He even ran a democrat-style television  ad featuring an elderly lady expressing fear that Mourdock would take away her social security.   (Note that the Ryan plan, which Mourdock supports, does not remove funding from those already on social security.)

A series of Mourdock signs have adorned  the Pharm this past month.   The one below survived regular  inspections by cattle, as well as three significant storms, to remain in place through election day.

Mourdock recycles, so Pharmer will be out collecting signs this evening.  🙂

Do you think that Lugar will spend his retirement in Indiana??


Tea Party is Working to Retire Senators Lugar and Hatch

Tea party activists push to retire Sens. Lugar, Hatch.

Both Dick Lugar and Orrin Hatch have stayed too long in Washington and the Tea Party is working to replace them.   Hatch appears to have a better chance of surviving the onslaught.  Indiana Democrats are assisting with the destruction of Lugar over such issues as residency and the cost of his hotel stays in Indiana since he has not been a resident since 1977.  Lugar has responded by returning  some of the cost of his hotel stays, and has changed the address on his voter registration.

Richard Mourdock is closing in on Lugar despite being outspent by the incumbent.

Remember…….. Lugar thought that Sotomayor,  and Kagan were acceptable Supreme Court Justices, and that Kathleen Sebelius was a competent and worthy choice to head the Dept. of Health and Human Services.   That’s an Obamanation !

Sen Richard Lugar, (R) Indiana: Doesn’t Live Here Anymore | The Daily Caller

Richard Lugar | Indiana Senator | Doesn’t Live Here Anymore | The Daily Caller.

Tea Partier Gary Wright had heard that Richard Lugar does not live in Indiana anymore……… for the past 30 years or so.

He decided to check for himself and found that Lugar is registered as an Indiana voter at the address of a house that he sold shortly after moving to Washington DC in 1977.  His driver’s license says that they still live at the 3200 Highwoods Court, Indianapolis  address  (where Betsy Hughes lives and occasionally receives Lugar’s mail).   No one is bothering to  turn over the rocks on this fraud.

Supposedly the Indiana Constitution does not require Lugar to live in Indiana in order to be a senator from here.  However one wonders what benefits Lugar has obtained from Indiana while a non-resident for the last 30 years.    Other elected officials have been put through the mill on this basis.

Remember…. Lugar also thinks that Kathleen Sebelius is a good choice for head of the Dept. of Health and Human Services.   Her Dept is the one threatening Indiana’s Medicare/Medcaid funding because we cut off Planned Parenthood’s tax funding.