Political Pundit Bows to Rush Limbaugh

and the Politico saw fit to publish it.

It seems that people are finally going to admit that Obama’s intention has been  to transform the U.S. into a Socialist, European style of has-been country.  Rush Limbaugh and about 20 million people understood that already.  Remember that Rush’s audience listen to him mostly because he articulates their mindset in eloquent English, and makes them feel less “alone”.  He is not thinking for them.  He is  speaking for them.

Finally the political pundits are catching up to what the true conservatives always thought was obvious.

Rush Limbaugh was right – POLITICO.com. (-Rich Lowry of National Review)

Leftists Lying About Rush’s Sponsors Again

Suddenly the lefties are worried about adultery. This is a new development as they did not consider this behavior to be a disqualifying characteristic for their politicians. They do appear to think it disqualifies radio hosts and their listeners from acceptability, however, if they are conservative. Always the double standard.

Alexandra Petri, claims that Rush has accepted ads for AshleyMadison, (arranges extramarital hookups) and the SeekingArrangment.com (sugar daddy site).

For his listeners, Rush explained how radio ads are run. A set of them are national, and arranged by Rush’s show itself. Profit goes directly to them from these ads. The radio affiliates also arrange their own ads independently. Profit from these goes to the radio shows. Most of the ads lost from the latest controversy are local ads, and this happens with each controversy that comes up. The advertisers stick with the stations but move their ads away from his show when he upsets them. Others respond oppositely.
Rush has stated that he doesn’t accept the Ashleymadison or the SeekingArrangement ads. He also asks for the ads, accepted by local affiliates, to be moved away from his shows whenever they become aware of them.

You don’t have to believe Rush himself when he says that he selects his ads with his conservative audience in mind.

The Wrap has obtained comment from CEO Noel Biderman of Ashley Madison:

Indeed, Ashley Madison, the dating service for people looking for love outside their relationships, has offered to fill Limbaugh’s extra ad inventory.

“I’m trying to be the opportunistic entrepreneur that I am,” CEO Noel Biderman told TheWrap. “He’s clearly a controversial figure, one that to date has refused my overtures to advertise on his show.

What’s the chance that Angela Petri will retract her misprepresentation? Not good. Unlike yours truly, who corrects errors of fact when they are brought to light, Angela is a leftist.

Special Note.. regular readers note that Pharmer watches KMart-Sears. This is the company which has had decreasing sales, since KMart bought Sears, and leads the big box retailer failures over the last five years. They bailed on Rush Limbaugh — one more in a long line of bad business decisions. 😉

After What They Did to Palin, Lefties are Whining

Call a Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance!

Lefties whined when Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown University Law student, was refused an opportunity to tout birth control and the desire to have it funded by others, at a hearing on the constitutionality of Obama’s HHS mandate.

Rush Limbaugh has seized the opportunity to give the grrls a taste of their own medicine.

He said that if tax payers have to pay for that law student to have sex, they should be able to see videos of it. He compared Ms. Fluke to a prostitute, for wanting the money from others in order to have sex, and likened the tax payers to johns.

What is it when a woman expects money for conducting her sex life? Rush made a reasonable analogy. Leftists are now shrieking about his disrespect for women.

What have they been doing to Sarah Palin since 2008, though she has never made such a request from others, and has comported herself with dignity?

What are they doing when they deny female patients the right of informed consent about birth control and abortion? What are they doing when they enable and support the sex selective abortions of girls? What are they doing when they oppose efforts to upgrade abortion facilities to at least the standards of veterinary clinics?

Rush has tweeked the media again, as he did when he invented the term feminazi. This is a sustained action tweek, which will pay off in much free media exposure of Lefties’ insane expectation that others be forced to pay for their recreational drugs.

Update *Over the weekend, Rush relented and apologized for some of his terminology used to describe Ms. Fluke. Congressman Darrell Issa is in no mood for apology, as his female staffers are enduring much worse vitriol because of his hearings on the constitutionality of the HHS mandate.

** Jimmy Castor Bunch experiences revival of their 40 year old hit: Troglodyte, thanks to Rush. Think of the Georgetown ladies going back to the barefoot and pregnant state, if they can’t get taxpayers to fund their birth control.

What’s Wrong With the Catholic Bishops?

Catholic Bishops: Obama‘s Contraception Mandate Change ’Unacceptable’ | TheBlaze.com.

They’re afraid to lose the money.  The church related institutions have become too dependent upon government income.   If  the bishops  weren’t afraid, they would be asking why any health  insurers cover birth control, Killing, and sterilizations. These things are lifestyle choices, and the middle one is morally wrong according to all the major religions, particularly when done for recreational purposes. The Bishops are so conciliatory that they express no difficulty with other people, outside specific religious affiliation, being forced to involve themselves in birth control, abortion and sterilizations.
Birth control hormones used for that purpose are recreational drugs. They are taken in order to support a purely recreational activity. Birth control and sterilization also alter a healthy system and make it function abnormally. Therefore they are not really ‘health care’. Nor is killing a part of health care.

It’s as though the bishops aren’t fully invested in removing abortion from Obamacare.  Pharmer is still waiting for any word of this issue to be mentioned at her parish.

Mark Steyn subbing for Rush on hangover Monday (2/6/12), appeared to have been taken in by this Onion-like presentation of “news”, at a socially leftist forum.  In a sort of parody, a story about Imams from Cincinnati, Phoenix, Green Bay, and Lubbock protesting the Obama birth control Mandate, was attributed to the National Journal.  (Following the entry were numerous comments from people who don’t know how the various birth control drugs operate, and do not know why many  religions oppose them. )

Mark Steyn  realizes that the Muslims are guarding conscience rights against abortion  in Europe, and so it was understandable that he’d expect the U.S. Muslims to have something to say about the Obama mandate.   What they have to say so far, Obama’s news organs do not want us to know.

Muslims don’t absolutely forbid all abortion and birth control,  but do not approve of either being used for recreational reasons.  Therefore adherent Muslims would not be happy to distribute  the drugs for these purposes in the vast majority of situations.

Like Europe, the U.S. may  eventually  be relying on the religion, which is not known for turning the other cheek,  to deal  with Obama’s unconstitutional attack on religious freedom.   Collectively the Catholic Bishops are not likely to have enough resolve to get this job done.

Rush Limbaugh On Casey Anthony Verdict | Abortion | RealClearPolitics

Rush Limbaugh On Casey Anthony Verdict | Abortion | RealClearPolitics.

Click that!   It’s the strongest commentary on the media debacle surrounding this circus of a trial.

The devolution  of civilization  is certainly being led by the owners of the old media.

Anthony’s defense attorney shows the media his middle finger.

Remember the renowned,  Princeton bioethicist,  Peter Singer’s opinion that kids don’t achieve full moral status until after the age of two ?

Club Gitmo T-Shirts to Remain a Fashion Classic

Networks Allow Scant Coverage of Obama’s ‘Stunning Reversal’ on Guantanamo, Harassed Bush | NewsBusters.org.

Rush Limbaugh will celebrate his “I told you so”, Guantanamo Bay preservation moment with his listeners and very few others.

NewsBusters catches the media, which formerly covered Guantanamo obsessively under the Bush administration, almost completely ignoring Obama’s 180 degree turn on the issue.

Asked how he had been  so sure that Guantanamo would never be closed down,  Rush Limbaugh attributed it to his understanding  that liberals always lie. He stated that using this premise, a person would be right far more often than they would be wrong.

Given Limbaugh’s record on predicting future events in politics, one has  to grant  credit where it is due.

Chris Matthews -Memory Lapse or just another Lie

You know every politician is taken to task  for such public gaffes as Chris Matthew’s latest bomb.  Byron York dissects him thoroughly for his latest comment on the use of “regime” to describe the Obama administration.   Apparently the TINGLY ONE had never heard such a vitriolic term used to describe a U.S. presidency.

Rush Limbaugh, Chris Matthews and the ‘regime’ question | Washington Examiner.

It seems that Chris Matthews forgot the thousands of time the term “Bush regime” came up in the mainstream media, as well as his own use of the term.

From York’s editorial:

Finally — you knew this was coming — on June 14, 2002, Chris Matthews himself introduced a panel discussion about a letter signed by many prominent leftists condemning the Bush administration’s conduct of the war on terror. “Let’s go to the Reverend Al Sharpton,” Matthews said. “Reverend Sharpton, what do you make of this letter and this panoply of the left condemning the Bush regime?”