What’s Wrong With the Catholic Bishops?

Catholic Bishops: Obama‘s Contraception Mandate Change ’Unacceptable’ | TheBlaze.com.

They’re afraid to lose the money.  The church related institutions have become too dependent upon government income.   If  the bishops  weren’t afraid, they would be asking why any health  insurers cover birth control, Killing, and sterilizations. These things are lifestyle choices, and the middle one is morally wrong according to all the major religions, particularly when done for recreational purposes. The Bishops are so conciliatory that they express no difficulty with other people, outside specific religious affiliation, being forced to involve themselves in birth control, abortion and sterilizations.
Birth control hormones used for that purpose are recreational drugs. They are taken in order to support a purely recreational activity. Birth control and sterilization also alter a healthy system and make it function abnormally. Therefore they are not really ‘health care’. Nor is killing a part of health care.

It’s as though the bishops aren’t fully invested in removing abortion from Obamacare.  Pharmer is still waiting for any word of this issue to be mentioned at her parish.

Mark Steyn subbing for Rush on hangover Monday (2/6/12), appeared to have been taken in by this Onion-like presentation of “news”, at a socially leftist forum.  In a sort of parody, a story about Imams from Cincinnati, Phoenix, Green Bay, and Lubbock protesting the Obama birth control Mandate, was attributed to the National Journal.  (Following the entry were numerous comments from people who don’t know how the various birth control drugs operate, and do not know why many  religions oppose them. )

Mark Steyn  realizes that the Muslims are guarding conscience rights against abortion  in Europe, and so it was understandable that he’d expect the U.S. Muslims to have something to say about the Obama mandate.   What they have to say so far, Obama’s news organs do not want us to know.

Muslims don’t absolutely forbid all abortion and birth control,  but do not approve of either being used for recreational reasons.  Therefore adherent Muslims would not be happy to distribute  the drugs for these purposes in the vast majority of situations.

Like Europe, the U.S. may  eventually  be relying on the religion, which is not known for turning the other cheek,  to deal  with Obama’s unconstitutional attack on religious freedom.   Collectively the Catholic Bishops are not likely to have enough resolve to get this job done.

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  1. Weak church men who think they know more than the Son of God, His revelation to all mankind via His Son Jesus Christ, and His Blessed Mother who has appeared throughout the ages to warn mankind to repent and follow Her peace plan, not that of marxist Kenyan pretenders to the throne.

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