Mo. congressman Todd Akin defies GOP leaders to stay in race

My Way News – Mo. congressman defies GOP leaders to stay in race.

The problem with America is that using the word ‘legitimate’ in the place of the word ‘violent’ is considered a more serious problem than, for example, infanticide. Most of the republican establishment would publicly state that Obama, who vigorously defended this practice in Illinois, is a ‘legitimate’ presidential choice.

Where did Akin get his politically incorrect idea that that pregnancy does not often ensue from violent rape? Politically incorrect pro-lifers noted that very few pregnancies from rape were reported, when compared with numbers of reported rape events, (back when rape was more associated with physical violence).

They, most significantly, noted that few abortions were associated with rape, as compared to the massive numbers of abortions associated with recreational sex.

Those same pro-lifers surmised that the trauma of violent rape was not readily conducive to pregnancy.

Now our media is supplying us with theories that rape is motivated by sexual attraction (rather than violent intent) and that this happens when a woman is more fertile. Suddenly, rape has become a procreative mechanism, rather than unacceptable violence, in the minds of our political class. Promoting this theory is not going to help the conditions of women at all, but we’ve known for a long time that this isn’t in the game plan of our leftists.

To subscribe, as Akin did, to the former theory is considered more repugnant than defending and supporting the practice of killing babies after they are born, as Obama has done.

Incidentally, the star speaker at the democrat convention will be Bill Clinton, who has been accused of two rapes, several instances of unwanted sexual imposition, and lying to Congress and the American people concerning his habits. The state of Arkansas found Clinton’s ethical lapses sufficient to suspend his law license. On Dec 19, 1998 he was impeached.

The extreme ignorance and upside-down sense of proportion of the leftists, and their allies in the republican establishment, are ‘legitimate reasons’ for this country’s decline.

So far, Todd Akin has chosen not to pay attention to the republican wimps who threw him under the bus for uttering an incorrect word. They have never pursued democrats with such fervor, for much more serious errors or offenses.

Should he remain steadfast, an out of state contribution to his campaign is coming from the Pharmer, with the hope that other pro-life people will kick in to replace the lost support from his useless political party.

Indiana Landslide: Mourdock sends Lugar into Retirement

Senate veteran Richard Lugar loses primary to tea party-backed GOP State Treasurer after six terms .

Yes, a 60/40 split is a true landslide.  Your friendly Pharmer has been waiting for Lugar to retire.

Signs that Lugar had been in place for two long were his approval of Obama’s Supreme court appointees and his HHS secretary.   He had lost the support of pro-lifers and the NRA.

Despite Lugar’s 10 to 1 ad expenditures, he could not defeat the strong Teaparty support behind Mourdock.  Towards the end, the incumbent was begging democrats to cross over and and support him in the primary.  He even ran a democrat-style television  ad featuring an elderly lady expressing fear that Mourdock would take away her social security.   (Note that the Ryan plan, which Mourdock supports, does not remove funding from those already on social security.)

A series of Mourdock signs have adorned  the Pharm this past month.   The one below survived regular  inspections by cattle, as well as three significant storms, to remain in place through election day.

Mourdock recycles, so Pharmer will be out collecting signs this evening.  🙂

Do you think that Lugar will spend his retirement in Indiana??