Celestial Discharge: Republican Party Has Announced its Own Demise

The Republican Party  has performed an autopsy on its own dead carcass, and has issued a 100 page report.

This report addresses the reasons for their federal losses in 2012.  The name “autopsy” for their report is completely apt, because the Republican party has assumed room temperature. 

The Republican brand is irreparably damaged by the media, which has kept the elites of that party so  paralyzed with fear, that it morphed into a faint shadow of the Democrat party.   The name “republican” will not occupy a respectful compartment in the memory of any American.  This is a sad thing.  The media could not have destroyed the name so completely, without the help of the republican establishment.

The Tea Party needs to  get busy, because we’re what remains of the conservatives of the United States.   It should not repeat the mistakes of abandoning members for saying a single wrong word, or allowing the media to compartmentalize them, define them or interrupt their message of conservatism and optimism for America.  The Tea Party needs to speak over the media, bypass them, and address all Americans.

Let us recycle the Republican carcass as fertilizer, be the TEA Party, and  work to restore the United States.

Peggy Noonan Warns Tea Party Away From ‘Rage’ In Political Style on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ | Video | TheBlaze.com

Sez Peggy:

“I think the Tea Party is going to have to look at itself,” Noonan said. “It’s been so helpful to the Republican Party in the past. It saved it by not going third party in 2010, helping the Republicans sweep the House. But the Tea Party style of rage is not one that wins over converts and makes people lean towards them and say, ‘I want to listen to you.’ I think a friendly persuasion has to begin now from the Republican Party to people of the United States.”

via Peggy Noonan Warns Tea Party Away From ‘Rage’ In Political Style on CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’ | Video | TheBlaze.com.

So… Pharmer wrote back to Peggy:

Ms. Noonan,

With your latest comment on Tea Party “rage” you remain a bipedal argument for a third party.

The Tea Party began as the most orderly, well behaved protest movement in history.  It remains so today as a fastidiously law-abiding grass roots political movement, yet it is constantly dissed by the establishment republicans, who are more concerned with their own positions in Washington DC, than for the U.S. itself.

The rest of us are not insulated from the ill effects of the Obama administration. We can’t hide money offshore, or leave the country in case of disaster, as the sell-outs in Washington can.

Perhaps you’re upset that some of the more conscientious Tea Party members could not stomach another moderate, and quietly stayed home on Nov. 6th. I left the republican party after they threw Akin and Mourdock under the bus, though I did vote to remove Obama. Democrats don’t publicly eat their own as republicans do.

A third party will form when the republicans further turn themselves into democrats in order to pretend that they “care” for people. After the Chinese credit runs out, neither old party will be able to entice voters with government checks.

According to Gallup, immigration is NOT topmost on the list of issues for Hispanic voters. So having the republicans satisfy the democrat need for more voter base will not do any good.  Remember, Reagan tried it, and it didn’t help.

A government that actually “cared” for people would get out of the way and let them prosper.

Look for that third party that you’re helping to form.  Democrats seem to prevail with their rage, lawlessness and general trashy behavior. Maybe a little rage would help the Tea Party ;-). 

Glenn Beck Announces Blaze ‘Action Center’ At FreedomWorks Ohio FreePAC | Video | TheBlaze.com

Glenn Beck Announces Blaze ‘Action Center’ At FreedomWorks Ohio FreePAC | Video | TheBlaze.com.

The Freedom Works Bootcamp in Cincinnati was well worth attending. Unlike Obama’s events, this one attracted much more interest than the planners had hoped for, and had to be moved to a bigger location at the Duke Convention center. The room, which holds 7000 people, was entirely packed with a hugely enthusiastic crowd. Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works pointed out that in contrast to the liberals, we conservatives did not have to be paid to come to the event.
Your friendly Pharmer took the whole family for ~ 7 hours well spent. None of the kids were bored, and now they have a better understanding of what their parents have been up to.

The people of Freedom Works and Glen Beck Rocked the House and energized a ginormous group of conservatives to get out the vote.

Lefties have a permanent problem, and it is U.S.

Freedom Works has a lot of good tools for tea partiers to keep in touch, as well as monitor their government,  and The Blaze is opening up interactive features of its news site to allow readers to take immediate action in response to news stories. Click those links!

Freedom Works: We Now Have to Monitor the RNC

Freedom works, a most prominent organizing body of the Tea Party summarizes the dis-unifying hubbub concerning the election and handling of delegates to the Republican convention. This has extreme significance for the grass roots of the party to bring up candidates for election and to affect the party platform.
As of this convention, the Republican Party has, through rules changes, made itself more of a top down party like the Democrats, instead of one which has to listen to the grass roots.
In very brief, The RNC anointed presidential candidate will be able to choose delegates from the states (thus eliminating dissenters such as the Ron-Paulians or those who continued to support Santorum or Gingrich). It also changed a rule which now allows the RNC to change party rules between conventions when no one is looking. (Now Freedom Works will be looking, so pay attention to them.) This will suppress the grass roots influence on what is contained in the Republican platform. Expect the social issues to disappear unless the RNC becomes afraid of a third party split.

The best description of the events at the convention is below. Click it. Please email that link or this article.

Romney's "RNC Power Grab": What Really Happened | FreedomWorks.

The very upset Ron-Paulians put out their own video <--(click to view it) to express their displeasure. You'll hear audio of a voice vote which was ignored and suppressed by John Boehner at the convention. Below is “teleprompter” imagery of the PRE-ORDAINED nature of the conclusion., found at Freedom Works.

We have to first get Obama out, then we have to go to work on the Republican national committee. If the Tea Party successfully brings up their own candidates as independents in the state elections, room for the grass roots might be recreated within the Republican party, or perhaps a third party will form. Todd Akin is effectively an independent after the RNC cut all funding. Electing him is a good opportunity for the conservatives to show the RNC that it is no longer a vital part of the political process.

Tea Party Spanks Republican Establishment in Texas

Ted Cruz, a Tea Party candidate who has never held political office, beat Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, in a primary runoff election for the  senate seat in Texas.  This is quite an costly  upset for the OLD Republicans, and another sign of surging Tea Party strength.     This second runoff resulted because David Dewhurst was unable to garner 50 percent of the vote in the regular primary.

Tea party Republican Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate primary – latimes.com.

Tea Party as Safe Haven for Gays.

David Lampo, VP of the Log Cabin Republicans, makes an appeal for the Tea Party to address and support gay legal “equality”. He seems to have overlooked that legal equality between males and females has never existed, mainly because the sexes are not the same. (Note the current hot issue of sex selection abortions.) The most optimum social condition would be that the sexes are regarded and respected as equally valued humans.

Take a look at Lampo’s appeal, (which is not exactly libertarian) here:

Lampo: Is the Tea Party Nation Anti-Gay? | TheBlaze.com.

Pharmer understands the more immediately practical reasons why gay people join Tea Party side, under current social conditions.

There are numerous gay people who understand that it’s safer and more sensible to side with conservatives for both social and economic reasons.

Many conservatives disagree with the kind of sex that gay people prefer, but are infinitely less likely to cull gays from the human herd through health care rationing and abortion, (should a propensity towards gayness ever become prenatally diagnosable).
Conservatives will respect the rights of gays to remain alive, because they are human.

The lefties, often due to reflexive hatred of Christianity, have made friends with extreme groups who have shown a propensity for stoning or chopping the heads off of gay people.

Which is worse, having a finger wagged at you, or being killed? Yes, no matter your sex preference, it is safer to hang around people who think that willfully killing humans is wrong.

Rick Santorum bows out of Presidential race — Tea Party for Indiana?

Rick Santorum bows out of Presidential race | Washington Times Communities.

Some love comes from the Communities of the Washington Times for Santorum as he bows out of the presidential race.

This leaves only Romney to have any serious chance of winning the nomination.

Once more, Indiana has no real voice in choosing the Republican candidate for the Presidency. In light of this trend, do you think it would make sense for the Tea Party to become Indiana’s opposition party to the Democrats?

Speaking of Tea Party, We the Hoosiers will hear up to four Congressional candidates (Don Bates, Jr.,Bill Frazier, Travis Hankins and Joe VanWyke) who are vying for the 6th district seat.

Tea-Party at the Lawrenceburg Firehouse today 4/12 at 6:30.

Obama Owned NBC Will Not Dump its President, Steve Capus

Editgate: Three Strikes and NBC’s Steve Capus Should Be Out.

John Nolte over at Breitbart  outlines three major instances of media malpractice by NBC,  designed to Wag the Race War for the Left.

If we’re distracted by racial polarization, we might pay less attention to the looming spectre of Obamacare,  the destruction of our economy, and the mismanagement of forieign policy which will soon ignite World War III.

Obama ‘owns’ Jeffrey Immelt,  CEO of GE,  which still owns 49% of NBC.    President of CE, Steve Capus, has overseen a good deal of media abuse during his tenure, which began in 2005,  which, in earlier  times could have cost him his job.

NBC’s latest attempt to start a race war involved purposefully editing the Zimmerman 911 tape (click this)  to present  a racist, wanna-be cop, pursuing a  Black kid.   NBC is still claiming that the editing wasn’t with this intent,  but listening to the cut version vs the original version leaves zero room for doubt.

George Zimmerman has to hide, in fear for his life.  NBC has supposedly fired the senior producer, who edited the tape, but will not name him.   He is free to continue his malpractice elsewhere.

Contessa Brewer remains in place after chopping the head off of a gun toting individual photographed at a Tea Party event.   This is because NBC did not want anyone to know that he was a Black Man.  It wouldn’t fit the Brewer’s narrative  that we’re all a bunch of racist, white homophobes,  who could constitute  threat to Obama’s life.

NBC’s Ed Schultz similarly edited a speech by Rick Perry about the Black Cloud of 14-16 trillion dollars debt, hanging over America.  He chopped out the words about debt on either side of the “Black Cloud” words,  and then stated that Perry was talking about Obama.    Race baiter,  (and misogynist)  Ed Schultz,  still retains his job.

Hat’s off to John Nolte for his triple header — check it out if you want to see  additional evidence of editorial malpractice.