Obama Owned NBC Will Not Dump its President, Steve Capus

Editgate: Three Strikes and NBC’s Steve Capus Should Be Out.

John Nolte over at Breitbart  outlines three major instances of media malpractice by NBC,  designed to Wag the Race War for the Left.

If we’re distracted by racial polarization, we might pay less attention to the looming spectre of Obamacare,  the destruction of our economy, and the mismanagement of forieign policy which will soon ignite World War III.

Obama ‘owns’ Jeffrey Immelt,  CEO of GE,  which still owns 49% of NBC.    President of CE, Steve Capus, has overseen a good deal of media abuse during his tenure, which began in 2005,  which, in earlier  times could have cost him his job.

NBC’s latest attempt to start a race war involved purposefully editing the Zimmerman 911 tape (click this)  to present  a racist, wanna-be cop, pursuing a  Black kid.   NBC is still claiming that the editing wasn’t with this intent,  but listening to the cut version vs the original version leaves zero room for doubt.

George Zimmerman has to hide, in fear for his life.  NBC has supposedly fired the senior producer, who edited the tape, but will not name him.   He is free to continue his malpractice elsewhere.

Contessa Brewer remains in place after chopping the head off of a gun toting individual photographed at a Tea Party event.   This is because NBC did not want anyone to know that he was a Black Man.  It wouldn’t fit the Brewer’s narrative  that we’re all a bunch of racist, white homophobes,  who could constitute  threat to Obama’s life.

NBC’s Ed Schultz similarly edited a speech by Rick Perry about the Black Cloud of 14-16 trillion dollars debt, hanging over America.  He chopped out the words about debt on either side of the “Black Cloud” words,  and then stated that Perry was talking about Obama.    Race baiter,  (and misogynist)  Ed Schultz,  still retains his job.

Hat’s off to John Nolte for his triple header — check it out if you want to see  additional evidence of editorial malpractice.