Abortion Clinics Blame it on Stericycle

2 Texas abortion clinics fined for fetus disposal – San Antonio Express-News.

It would probably help if Legitimate health care facilities understood how their  medical waste disposal service operates.

Stericycle,  based in Illinois, is in hot water for improper disposal of  human fetuses killed at a pair of Texas abortion clinics.

It seems that there was no problem with Stericycle’s steam disinfection method, but in Texas,  the medical “waste”  (containing little corpses in various states of dismemberment) is supposed to be buried……. NOT thrown in a municipal  landfill. 

Stericycle has been fined 42,612 for failure to comply with the regulations.

Whole Woman’s Health Clinics in Austin and McAllen are paying up also,  a total of about $40,000 between them.    They’re placing the blame on Stericycle of course.

Take home information:  Pharmer knows that a LOT of hospitals and clinics employ Stericycle to dispose of their medical waste.  People who have  miscarriages might want to bear this in mind, if respectful treatment  of the body is a concern.

Santa Claus Killing: The Motive Is No Longer Important

“Motive is not really the primary point right now,” Dearing said. “It’s more along the lines of what happened, how it transpired and making sure that who we believe to be the shooter is the shooter. Motive is what comes afterward for us if we can get it.”

Why is the motive for so many other crimes considered  so important that it increases the penalty?

What diminishes the media curiosity about the motives for the complete erasure of two families in Grapevine, TX? Even though the shooter, Aziz Yasdanpanah,  also killed himself in this case,  the search for the reasons seems  remarkably muted in media accounts.

Is it easier for this killing to be superficially attached to Christmas holiday stress, rather than problems in a Iranian  family’s dynamics?

See “Puzzling” text from Yasdanpanah.



Obama Administration Sued, Made New Hampshire Fund Planned Parenthood | LifeNews.com

Obama Admin Sued, Made New Hampshire Fund Planned Parenthood | LifeNews.com.

New Hampshire cancelled a 1.8 million dollar grant to planned parenthood, due to concerns that part of that money would be supporting the abortion portion of their business.

Obama decided to make up for this by granting a 1 million dollar replacement with your federal tax dollars.   This was funded through cuts in funding to neighboring health care providers.  In addition, this money was provided without the usual process of allowing other agencies to compete for the grant.

New Hampshire Right to Life has been looking into this unusual million dollar grant, and is suing the Sebelius HHS, because this very ‘opaque’ agency refused its Freedom of Information  request for information.

The Obama administration has also opposed a Texas attempt to defund planned parenthood.

Indiana is fighting the HHS threat to defund its other health programs because of the state’s decision to defund the country’s largest abortion provider.

The answer is:  YES your federal tax dollars are being used to fund abortion.  Obama is fulfilling his promise to keep ABORTION at the center of his health care program.

Planned Parenthood’s Exquisitely Bad Day

Over at Jill Stanek’s Place,   a smoking hot whistleblower case against Planned Parenthood is detailed.

The case, filed in the Eastern TX Lufkin Division of the United States District Court, alleges widespread fraudulent billing practices designed to maximize income drawn in from Medicaid.

Karen Reynolds, represented by the ACLJ,  worked as a health care assistant for 10 years, ending in 2009,  in the Lufkin, TX Branch of Planned Parenthood.  She reported a  practice of  maximizing income from Title XX, Medicaid and Womens Health Program using fraudulent billing practices which included charging for services not rendered nor appropriate, and for abortion related services disguised as otherwise.

Memos and email provided by Reynolds indicate that employees at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast  were trained to provide and bill for services based upon what the patients’ coverage would pay for.  Cash payers would receive medically necessary services, and all sorts of extras were added to the bills of patients funded by other programs.  Post abortion visits were billed as though they were for another purpose, so that they became government funded.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has 10 clinics in eastern TX and 2 in Louisiana.   These include the largest abortion clinic in the U.S. (Houston), a  likely  inspiration for the Onion Abortionplex parody.

PPGC entered a motion to stay the discovery process, which Judge Ron Clark denied.  Documentation has begun to trickle from PPGC …… (which had not yet been eaten by the shredder, opines Pharmer).


UPDATE 1-Texas to challenge US greenhouse gas rules | Reuters

UPDATE 1-Texas to challenge US greenhouse gas rules | Reuters.

Due to a concentration of oil refining and agricultural industries,  the Texas economy  would be hard hit by governmental regulation of   falsely named “greenhouse gasses’.

A complete refusal by all states to comply would be appropriate here.

The EPA needs to clean itself  of Global Warming fraud before expecting to regulate any other entities.