Bambi Hates Obama – destroys yard sign

A discerning deer has been on rampage against an Obama sign in the front yard of Tom and Beth Priem. He’s been caught in the act and photos are available on the Blaze, if you click below.

Tom and Beth Priem Snap Photo of ‘Republican’ Deer Destroying Their Obama Sign | Video |

It appears that deer might, in general, understand that their suburban pickings will become scarcer if the Dems win again. The cattle Down on the Pharm seem to have analogous perceptions. Both species, which are plentiful here, have left the conservative signage untouched during the Indiana primaries, and during past November elections. The same can’t be said for the small trees and landscaping.

Glenn Beck Announces Blaze ‘Action Center’ At FreedomWorks Ohio FreePAC | Video |

Glenn Beck Announces Blaze ‘Action Center’ At FreedomWorks Ohio FreePAC | Video |

The Freedom Works Bootcamp in Cincinnati was well worth attending. Unlike Obama’s events, this one attracted much more interest than the planners had hoped for, and had to be moved to a bigger location at the Duke Convention center. The room, which holds 7000 people, was entirely packed with a hugely enthusiastic crowd. Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works pointed out that in contrast to the liberals, we conservatives did not have to be paid to come to the event.
Your friendly Pharmer took the whole family for ~ 7 hours well spent. None of the kids were bored, and now they have a better understanding of what their parents have been up to.

The people of Freedom Works and Glen Beck Rocked the House and energized a ginormous group of conservatives to get out the vote.

Lefties have a permanent problem, and it is U.S.

Freedom Works has a lot of good tools for tea partiers to keep in touch, as well as monitor their government,  and The Blaze is opening up interactive features of its news site to allow readers to take immediate action in response to news stories. Click those links!

News the Media Loses – Pro-life Bus Firebombed

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Pro-Life Bus Firebombed in Rockford, Illinois | Video |

The Blaze is covering the firebombing of a bus belonging to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, because the local media of Rockford, Illinois is ignoring it.
Perhaps they don’t want the perpetrators to be caught. It is noted that similar, and probably unrelated, damage to another vehicle over the same weekend did attract attention of local news reporters.

Perhaps some bad feelings over the closure of the Rockford abortion clinic fueled the attack on the bus, which is well known for carrying pro-life messages in the community.

As you can see, the bus is trashed:

Planned Parenthood Created Indiana Girl Scouts Sex Ed Program.

Planned Parenthood Created Indiana Girl Scouts Sex Ed Program |

Beautiful Bloomington* was the academic home of A.C. Kinsey, that kinky professor who messed with his students and called it sex research. It’s not a surprise that this bright blue leftie place would also allow a planned unparenthood sex educator to design a program to get their little girl scouts busy earlier in life.

The Blaze was a bit equivocal in its last coverage of the involvement of Indiana Rep. Bob Morris, who expressed his disgust at the connection of planned parenthood and Girl Scouts of America. It seems that they’ve amassed enough solid evidence that they’re willing to commit themselves and say yes, the two really are connected.

Indiana Right to Life spotted a little detail about the development of a sex ed program for the girl scouts of Bloomington, and 12 surrounding counties.

Leftie city of Bloomington Awarded Ann Reece posthumous recognition as follows:
“Lifetime Contribution Award winner Anne Reese was nominated posthumously by Carol McCord, Barbara Light, Kathryn Brown and Judy Klein. Anne’s career started with Planned Parenthood in Bloomington where she worked for many years as a health and sexuality educator, and helped initiate the Family Life Education program for Girl Scouts ages five to 18 throughout a twelve-county area”

Learn more about why planned parenthood is not the preferred sex educator for normal people HERE and HERE.

*Bloomington, Indiana  stands out as the only place, so far, where Pharmer was threatened with arrest (on the campus of Indiana University) for speaking at a prolife students meeting. It’s just that nutty.