TSA Gropers Harass Dying Woman at Sea-Tak Airport

Drudge devoted two headlines to this story:

Michelle Dunaj, near the end of her battle with Leukemia, decided to take a last trip to Hawaii to see family and friends. Though she took efforts to inquire and comply with rules covering the handling of her medications, TSA agents punctured and contaminated one of her bags of IV fluids. Though she asked to be screened in private, the TSA gropers refused (which is said to be against policy, and did their dirty work in public, pulling up her top and inspecting under bandages that held her feeding tube in place.
How much more of the TSA will Americans tolerate?

This video provides further details of Ms. Dunaj’s humiliating experience with the TSA.

Thanks to Michelle Dunaj for taking some of her precious last moments to inform the public and justifiably trash the TSA.

Dying woman gets security pat-down at Sea-Tac – seattlepi.com.

ABC Demonstrates Cultural Rot at the TSA

Hundreds of TSA officers have been fired for stealing, despite the fact that most of their theft victims have almost zero  recourse once an item has been stolen.

Click below to see the rare ABC story worth viewing.  Staffers  tracked an iPad, using GPS and alarm features, from airport security in Orlando to the home of the TSA officer, Andy Ramirez.

Ramirez is of such low quality that he has been shown to have

1) transported an iPad which is not his from the airport to his home, apparently unaware that these devices are loaded or can be equipped  with tracking, file wiping, and various other anti-theft features.

2) denied having  it after ABC personnel announced that they had tracked it to his home via GPS

3) blamed the theft on his wife after the alarm was set off

Your Transportation Security Agency spends your tax dollars on such cowardly  idiots as Ramirez.

See for yourself.

via ABC News Tracks Missing iPad To Florida Home of TSA Officer – ABC News.

TSA asks woman to prove her breast pump is real at Lihue Airport | ksdk.com

TSA asks woman to prove her breast pump is real at Lihue Airport | ksdk.com.

TSA agents would not let Amy Strand onto a plane at Lihue airport in Kauai without proving that her breast pump was real. She was told that the bottles had to be full of milk before she could get on the plane. The woman asked for a private place to pump and they directed her to a public restroom (where Pharmer suspects they might have a camera). The woman had to pump at the sink area in full view of everyone entering and leaving the restroom.

The TSA has responded to the publicity by stating that the agent made a mistake.

Sen. Rand Paul Blocked from Flight for Refusing TSA Groping

Sen. Rand Paul Blocked from Flight for Refusing TSA Groping.

The good senator is already an enemy of the TSA, and perhaps they were trying to show him who is boss by making him miss his flight to Washington DC.    Senator Rand Paul scheduled to speak at the big Right to Life Event in Washington DC, and vote in the Senate today, but his schedule was interrupted by the gropers in Nashville.

A scanner indicated a glitch at his knee, and  Paul lifted his trouser leg to expose the area.   But that was NOT enough.   The  TSA officials wanted to grope the rest of his parts too.   Rand Paul declined and was detained for some time.  After a subsequent scan revealed no problems,  the Senator caught a later flight to his destination.

This earned the Transportation Security Agency more bad commercials from Rand Paul’s father who is running for president.

Rand Paul himself has always opposed the over reach of the TSA, calling them  clueless for targeting six year old kids, the disabled and others who are obviously not terrorists.

No Appreciation of Satire at TSA?

» House Bill Would Criminalize Satire of TSA Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

From the funspot of Infowars comes some text from H.R. 3011 concerning the Transportation Security Administration  “Department of Molestation”.

This bill contains language to prohibit the use of logos and words containing TSA, or variants thereof, and imitations of the logo design, and make such use a federal crime.

Apparently  the extensive body of satire and parody of the TSA  has hit some raw nerves.

The language exists in section 295 of the bill, so if you’re making money, or deriving amusement from  making fun of the TSA,  you had better write your congressman.

Obama’s Snitch Site

See something,  Tell Obama!  Click  HERE  to do it.

The Obama administration is a heavy email spam source, as his media  noted after the latest Jobs speech last Thursday.   If you don’t want that in your main email box, get a nice, free web address with whatever name you want to attach to it.  For fun, you could  try Davie Axelwod, or Ram Emmanuel, to lampoon some old friends you once knew.

Then… very politely, send links showing stories and video of Union misbehavior,  trashing of the landscape after leftie gatherings,  uncivil behavior from the left wingers, TSA gropings, etc.

Let them see themselves as others see them.

New: 9-15-11 The Snitch Site has become a laughingstock all over the web


Creator of TSA says SCRAP IT! Privatize.

TSA Creator Says Dismantle, Privatize the Agency – HUMAN EVENTS.

John Mica, Florida Republican is embarrassed by the TSA created in one of his bills.   He’s chairman of the House Transportation Committee, and says that TSA should be scrapped and privatized.

The Transportation Security Administration has grown into a 9 billion dollar disaster, with rampant mismanagement of funds and resources, as well as questionable workforce which has become known for thievery and abuse.

Here’s Mica’s short list  of the countries which run airport security using similar models as the U.S.:  Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and maybe Libya.    That tells you something, doesn’t it?

No Felony Charges For Yukari Miyamae Who Gave it Back to TSA

No Felony Charges For Longmont Woman In TSA Groping Case « CBS Denver.

Yukari Miyamae  has been released and allowed to go home to Longmont Colorado.  Felony charges will not be pressed, but she might face misdemeanor charges for grabbing a TSA agent.  It seems that the altercation was over her wishing not to go through the scanner.  She’s a frequent flier, and one  can imagine the reasons why she has no love for the “rays”.

Miyamae has supporters (see comment) who wish for her to suffer no felony charges  as she was defending herself from an impending assault on her person. One of them brought news of her motivations to this blog.

Pharmer understands COMPLETELY, and  wishes to delay flying until the TSA learns to behave itself.

The usual economic pressures of boycotting would not induce this government (which is intent on downsizing the economic power of the U.S.) to rein in the TSA.  There is hope that the next administration will want to assist the recovery of the airline industry by putting a stop to the groping.

Update on Yukari Miyamae’s name…. Fox news alternatively transliterates her name as Mihamae,  or Miyamae. Go with Miyamae – sorry, facebook supporters.

Here’s Pharmer’s guess on the Kanji, hiragana and pronunciation.