TSA Gropers Harass Dying Woman at Sea-Tak Airport

Drudge devoted two headlines to this story:

Michelle Dunaj, near the end of her battle with Leukemia, decided to take a last trip to Hawaii to see family and friends. Though she took efforts to inquire and comply with rules covering the handling of her medications, TSA agents punctured and contaminated one of her bags of IV fluids. Though she asked to be screened in private, the TSA gropers refused (which is said to be against policy, and did their dirty work in public, pulling up her top and inspecting under bandages that held her feeding tube in place.
How much more of the TSA will Americans tolerate?

This video provides further details of Ms. Dunaj’s humiliating experience with the TSA.

Thanks to Michelle Dunaj for taking some of her precious last moments to inform the public and justifiably trash the TSA.

Dying woman gets security pat-down at Sea-Tac – seattlepi.com.