The Remnant: NOT Happy with Bishop Zurek and USCCB over Priests for Life.


It’s a long and Blistering opinion piece at the Remnant, a conservative Catholic Newspaper, ripping Bishop Patrick Zurek  for pulling Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life back to Amarillo, and “suspending?” him.

This treatment of the pro-lifers is NO surprise to the Pharmer, who has long noticed that our business and priorities are NOT those of the USCCB, even though they have been putting out a little showing of concern for the problem in the past few years.

Up until recently, the babies bodies have been politically  bartered  in order to gain other benefits of higher priority.  It’s been better for social programs, more open borders, and the collection plate, to push the abortion issue to the back burner.

Now that it’s painfully obvious to most everyone  that Catholics will be forced to participate in abortion, whether they want to or not,  we’ve gotten a new Committee!   (wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) at the USCCB.

But Fr. Frank Pavone, who has his own pro-life organization has been ordered to cease and desist.  Maybe  a vengeful  heart against those of us who stopped contributing to the USCCB, (which was  funding ACORN and some other organizations connected to abortion), caused Bishop Zurek to recommend that Catholics not donate to Priests for Life.

Pharmer is not inspired by this  to resume the contributions to USCCB.


USCCB- Too Little, Too Late?

Catholic Bishops Start Religious Liberty Cmte Over Obamacare |

At Pharmer’s parish, the Pro Life Month of October was kicked off   with  another flogging with the “Seamless Garment”.  Yep, this isn’t the first time.

The seamless garment concept used by Archbishop Joseph  Bernardin  has since been abused to make it OK for Catholics to vote for pro-abortion politicians as long as they offered enough governmental goodies for the poor, etc.

After decades of “war on poverty”, we have more poor than ever, and destruction of the family unit, particularly in the segments of the population most “helped” by the government.

In 2004, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, (now Pope Benedict XVI) issued a memorandum to the U.S. Bishops,  which as been said to shred the seamless garment concept, by categorizing  abortion as a most serious means of exiting communion with the Catholic Church.

The looming spectre of Obamacare, with its obligate funding of abortion using  the resources of tax payers, with its pro-abortion insurance mandates, and recission of conscience protections for health care professionals, has spurred the USCCB into action.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is going to form an Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty.

Timothy M. Dolan Elected Head of US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Timothy M. Dolan to Lead Catholic Bishops’ Conference –

From the leftist position of the New York Times, choosing Archbishop Dolan as president of the USCCB is a conservative move.

However,  Archbishop Dolan does not appear to be an  actual conservative.

A conservative would recognize that Obamacare would destroy the goose that laid the golden egg,  and that has heavily funded the charitable outreach of the Catholic church.

No mention is made of the obvious fact that Obamacare  will make  our elderly and disabled citizens SHOVEL READY.

Medicare denies more claims for treatment than any private insurer.    The idea that Obamacare will expand coverage while taking on more patients, wasting more money in administration, and driving out health care providers, is a total joke.

Archbishop Dolan is quoted by NYT:

“We should have been doing cartwheels” when the health care bill passed, he said, because the bishops had long supported expanding coverage. But he said the bishops could not endorse the legislation because they concluded there were “unborn babies that were in danger.”

If  that quote is accurate,  it would mean that he’s Lost in the Weeds on this issue.