Washington Bill Forcing Abortion Insurance Coverage Defeated | LifeNews.com

Washington Bill Forcing Abortion Insurance Coverage Defeated | LifeNews.com.

In Washington State, House Bill 2330 passed to the Senate and was caught up in debate with the realization that, as a violation of the Hyde Weldon Amendment, it could cost the state $6 billion a year in federal funding.   The bill would have required any insurance plan which provides maternity coverage to also provide abortion coverage.

Three Democrats bailed on the bill, and it was unable to pass by the Friday deadline.  The bill is now dead through this legislative session.

Blagojevich Rule Challenged | Daily News | NCRegister.com

Blagojevich Rule Challenged | Daily News | NCRegister.com.

In Sangamon County, Circuit Court Judge John Belz ruled that Illinois pharmacists can’t be forced to dispense the morning after pills against their own ethical standards and religious beliefs.

Opponents promise to immediately challenge this ruling, but Atty. Francis J. Manion,  ACLJ senior counsel, who represented the conscientiously objecting pharmacists notes that the court ruling addresses specific arguments for which the Illinois state attorneys were not able to provide evidence.   For example,  they were not able to argue that a single woman had been prevented from obtaining her morning after pills by a pharmacist who would not personally provide them.  For that reason, an appeal on their part will likely be a waste of Illinois’  negative financial resources.

The Illinois edict, which was overturned in the circuit court, had basically been designed  by Planned Parenthood, and this is the case for many other unconstitutional state laws opposing the human rights of health care professionals.

The article linked addresses  the battle over   conscience rights in numerous other states, including Wisconsin, Washington, where the  pharmacists  are in trouble, and in several more states which have recently supported pharmacists of conscience.

Scroll down in this blog to see the prescriber information for  Plan B, which clearly contradicts  the false premise of the Wisconsin regulations,  forcing pharmacists to dispense Plan B (as well as all other hormonal birth control).    Expect a new  legal battle to erupt in that state as the pharmacy owners are forced to apply the legislation and fire conscientiously objecting pharmacists.  Wisconsin’s legislation targeting the pharmacists was hidden in budget bills by the democrat legislature, and passed without much notice.  The newer state government might find cost containment benefits in rescinding the legislation.

The legal battle  is  ongoing in the state of Washington,  which the pro-abortion Governor Gregoire and her Board of Pharmacy  might drive all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.   It might be the crowning achievement of their careers.

Conscience Tug-of-War in Washington | Daily News | NCRegister.com

Conscience Tug-of-War in Washington | Daily News | NCRegister.com.

National Catholic Register covers the back and forth seesawing of the Washington Board of Pharmacy on the issue of conscience and pharmacy practice.

Eventually most of the board members gave in to their masters, returning to a decision which had already been met with a court challenge.   This judicial process will have to go forward.

Riding underneath the seesawing was the possibility that pro-abort  Governor Gregoire would be picked to join the Obama administration and occupy Elena Kagan’s  former position as solicitor general.   Later it is said that Gregoire’s enthusiasm for that position cooled, but we do not know if it means she did not make the cut, or whether she actually asked to be taken off the list.

The Board of pharmacy serves at the behest of the governor.

Washington to Hear Bill Soon Attacking Pregnancy Centers | LifeNews.com

Washington to Hear Bill Soon Attacking Pregnancy Centers | LifeNews.com.

A bill HB1366, designed to close crisis pregnancy centers is being heard by the Washington State legislature at this time.

Very simply, the bill adds medical regulations to the crisis centers which are applicable to no other facility, and opens the centers to lawsuits filed even by those who have never visited the facilities, nor have suffered damages.

It would appear that Democrat Sen. Rodney Tom, the sponsor of last year’s attempt to pass this bill, thinks that removing free services for moms who want to keep their baby a bright idea.  Coercing more abortions, by removing the alternatives,  was  his  way to deal with the current economic crisis.

Sponsors of the current HB 1366 are representatives

Clibborn, Walsh, Appleton, Goodman, Darneille, Moeller, Green, Carlyle, Fitzgibbon, Frockt, Reykdal, Roberts, Jinkins, Pettigrew, Cody, Pedersen, Van De Wege, Liias, Jacks, Maxwell, Dickerson, Ryu, Lytton, Ormsby, Seaquist, Hasegawa, Upthegrove, McCoy, Eddy, Sells, Haigh, Springer, Hunt, Tharinger, Kenney, Santos

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HIV testing at the DMV and Abortion drugs at the Discount Store.

D.C. brings HIV testing to the crowd at the DMV.

Washington DC, the HIV capital of the United states wants everyone to know that HIV testing is just a routine thing… conveniently available at the Dept of Motor Vehicles.  You can get an HIV test with your license renewal.

The FDA wanted people to be able to obtain abortion drugs, (ulipristal acetate, ELLA) an analog of RU486, mifepristone, at the discount store pharmacy.

Wouldn’t want people to drive out of their way to address these mattters.

In some states  Washington, for example, a student can be driven after school for an abortion, by a school official.  No parental consent or signature is needed for that extra curricular activity.

The highest value of our governments-gone-wrong is convenience