The Road We Know

The Road We Know.

College kids in Botswana toured the country advocating behavioral change, abstinence/exclusivity, to prevent HIV in a country which has the world’s second highest prevalence.

This “radical” strategy and mission  was born from the realization that the condoms/awareness/testing programs were not effective in this country where one fourth of the population has HIV.

Uganda and Kenya have seen positive results from encouraging abstinence.

Dr. Edward Green, of the Harvard AIDS Prevention Research Project  appears in this film….as well as here, Down on the Pharm.

Nations of Africa are making significant  cultural and behavioral changes to fight HIV.  One wonders how long (and how many more deaths)  it will take before the Western progressives  catch up with what we already knew was the best way to prevent AIDs.

The Road We Know Trailer from Citygate Films on Vimeo.