The SEIU Plot to Take Down Banks

There’s a video under heated discussion showing SEIU leader Steve Lerner (who headed the Justice for Janitors effort). His bright idea was a sort of mortgage strike….. everyone refuse to pay, in order to take down the lenders. You will want to see the transcript, and especially the last line of it at the Blaze. The initially presented video and an uncut version also are there.

The SEIU seems to have a problem with capitalism.

That Lerner is no longer holding his former position with the Union might be used to exonerate SEIU of this plot to destabilize the US economy, (similarly to planned parenthood firing Some of their errant employees after they were caught aiding and abetting child prostitution.)

Here’s a copy of the video at Youtube.

More on Steve Lerner, and some history of his SEIU career is at the Blaze.