This Mom Gamed the System to Get Her Kids into Safer Schools.

» Ohio Mother is Modern Day Rosa Parks – Big Government.

Kelley Williams-Bolar fibbed about the residence of her kids so they could go to a safer school than the one in her own home district.  For that she got a felony conviction, 10 days of jail, and probation.  She was studying to be a teacher, and now might  be excluded from that profession in her state of Ohio.

Kelly, it’s hard to  blame you for trying to find a safer school for your kids, so they survive their primary school years.   The Pharmer’s family spent  many thousands of bucks putting the kids through a better grade school.  Not everyone can raise  the funds for that.

You need money …. WRITE A BOOK!!  Start right now, while your story is hot.  Pharmer will advertise it for free.

And you have just been given a helluva a good reason to become a home schooling MOM.

Be assimilated into the RIGHT SIDE of the force………