Three Programmers Build a Workable Obamacare Web Site

Int a couple of nights, three programmers  were able to make a working health care website by putting the information that people want, (health plans and cost) where and when they want to see it.  The design purpose of differs drastically from the Obamacare site, however.  It was built to serve the customer, not to aggregate their private information for government use, nor to register potential democrat voters.

Ning Liang, George Kalogeropoulos and Michael Wasser, certainly are much more competent and business oriented  programmers than the government would think of hiring.

According to the Blaze, thehealthsherpa site is not a substitute for the government site, but it offers contact information for health insurance providers which could allow a person to sign up for eligible health care without going through   This is a valuable service to the people of America.

The website of Liang, Kalogeropoulos and Wasser services a lot more than just California.  Pharmer  entered Florida and Ohio zip codes and obtained info insurance plans local to those areas also.  Overnight, the trio added a calculator to help estimate tax subsidies  for the plans.

Try  and find yourself an insurance plan.  Hopefully these programmers monetize their site and grab a little ad money in the true capitalist tradition of America.   They’ll need a big big  server to handle all of those who don’t want to hand their private info over to felons and miscreants hired by the Obama administration.