War on Women: Rand Paul Calls out Dems Who Fundraise with Bill Clinton

Rand Paul demands Democrats return money raised by ‘sexual predator’ Bill Clinton – Washington Times.

Sex pervert Bill Clinton has been making unwanted advances, having sex in the workplace, and has been accused of rape by two different women.  He remains to this day very popular among Dems, and a preferred fundraiser for their campaigns.

Clinton’s behavior gets a pass because he’s been such a stalwart abortion proponent.  Basically, the Dems and Nina Burleighs of the world believe it’s OK for a man to be a sex abuser as long as he supports abortion.

Rand Paul is calling the Dems out with respect to their own War on Women, and their hypocrisy for using the pervert in chief as a fundraiser.

Unmentioned in the above article is Hillary Clinton’s role as First Enabler.  She is the one who suppressed Bill’s frequent “Bimbo Eruptions”.  The Clintons had a whole team of operatives whose job it was to smear and crush any woman who complained about Bill’s unwanted advances and sexual impositions.

For anyone with a good memory,  Democrats accusing any conservatives of a war on women seems ridiculous and 180 degrees out of phase.