Which Party is Really Regulating Bedroom Activity?

Blue State Blues: From ‘Porn Goggles’ to ‘Back-Alley’ Abortions.

Joel Pollak of Breitbart comments on the big sex regulators who accuse the conservatives of intrusion into people’s private lives.   He notes that the left wing in California passed legislation which imposes condom inspections on the porn industry.   Even now they’re suggesting that safety goggles be worn by porn actors to prevent transmission of diseases through fluids getting into the eyes.

The left has laid itself open for all sorts of backlash against the intrusive nature of its governance, from safety seats for 12 year olds, to the myriad smoking regulations and prohibitions.

The latest in the leftie  war on women is a law  allowing non physicians to perform abortions on women.  Californians are now working on a referendum to overturn AB-154, which effectively had legalized back alley style abortion in that state.