Why did the Pharmer Unsubscribe from Groupon?

Major U.S. company offers torture-porn tour.

Groupon is too KINKy!

The Waronillegalpornography folks have spotted two ads from Groupon for a tour of a historic armory in San Francisco which has now houses KINK, a producer of torture porn.

The tour offering specifies the possibility of being able to see a live filming. Gross.

Pharmer took a look at the story in the film below and promptly unsubscribed from Groupon. Don’t need their spam mail and won’t be using their offerings.

2 thoughts on “Why did the Pharmer Unsubscribe from Groupon?

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. I cancelled our membership in Groupon just now. Even I, an avowed coupon clipper, wouldn't use their service after this behavior on their part.

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