Obama sez Planned Parenthood helps Men

“Thanks to all of you at Planned Parenthood for all the work that you are doing for women all across the country and for families all across the country—and for men, who have enough sense to realize you are helping them, all across the country.” — Barack Obama.

Yes, Obama knows that Planned Parenthood helps Men. We know it hasn’t done a thing to elevate the social status nor health status of women in the U.S.

If you want to see the actual Video of Obama giving the real reason for abortion and the services which increase the demand for it, Here ya go

Ted Kennedy Hospitalized

Well, old Ted had a couple of seizures Saturday and is currently said to be conscious and responsive and undergoing tests.

He’s not exactly the poster boy for healthy living, so it’s a surprise that he’s been around this long (76 yrs).

One seizure apparently occurred at his home in Hyannisport, and another on his trip to Massachusetts general hospital.

He’s being tested to find the cause of the seizures, and preliminary medical opinion is that they’re not due to stroke.

This One’s Kind of Obvious

A German investigator has concluded that excessive smiling on the job is hazardous to your health.

Dieter Zapf , of Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, studied 4000 subjects working in a mock call center to study how being forced to accept insults and remain polite on the job affected stress levels. He found those who were permitted to respond more normally to insults had much lower stress levels than those who had to bear the insults and remain courteous.

Zapf recommended that those forced to suppress their usual responses on the job for protracted periods be given breaks in order to let it out.

My personal recommendation is that people who act like *^%ks be prepared to be treated as such.

Sex Fairy who turned in Bernie Ward for Child Porn

Meet the lady who turned Bernie Ward in for sending child porn on the internet. It seems, from this I Team interview, that the woman, Linda Figueiredo was doing weird sex chat with an anonymous guy, and called police because he sent child porn to her.
The police then asked her to continue chat with the perpetrator for awhile, so that they could collect evidence. She didn’t realize that her chat partner was the illustrious liberal talk show host, Bernie Ward.
If you decide to follow this link, realize that the interview describes disgusting stuff, but it’s not extremely graphic. You’ll wonder why his employer merely says that Ward is “fired for now”. Maybe this behavior is widespread in Mr. Ward’s social and business milieu.
Hats off to Ms. Figueiredo for making the effort to catch a perv, at significant personal cost, as she was requested by law enforcement to continue chatting with Ward long after it nauseated her to do so.

Pastor Hagee Apologizes to Catholics

Here’s my opportunity to mention that Christians should all be on the same side. Most of the important beliefs are held in common, and there’s enough attack on Christian practices and faith from those who don’t want to adhere to the basic behavioral restrictions put forth by these religions.

So – Pastor Hagee has apologized to Catholics for the tone of his delivery which was critical of Catholic belief and practices. In addition there were both accurate and inaccurate presentation of the Catholic involvement in political injustices occurring centuries ago in Europe.

It’s about time. First there should be an ability to distinguish between sins of those who profess adherence to a faith, and the actual teachings of the faith itself. If people were able to understand this distinction, there would be little ill feeling of religious adherents of one faith for those of other faiths.

Most of the major world religions, including many outside of Christianity, have very similar motivations to improve the behavior and lives of humans. It’s time for those who recognize the Creator and their own role as created beings to be working together.

Indians say Americans need a Diet

That’s the alternate solution to Americans complaining about the food prices going up. Indians say Americans need to quit eating so much .

Americans pork down 3770 calories per capita per day compared to Indians at 2440.
That explains two things — why Americans are fat, overall, and why Indians who come to America tend to get really large if they take on the U.S. diet. A lot of immigrants really get fat quickly in America, because their metabolisms are set slower, due to their lower calorie diets.

I’m thinking of the many hospitalists and residents with whom I work, who are imported from India and various other places. The drug reps keep health care workers really porkie with all the free food.

So, maybe you’re wondering if I have any room to talk. Not in my size 10s. When they get tight, I have to go on a diet (each year). Sometimes I ponder sufficiently depriving myself to obtain size 8 again. But I’d have to give up BEER entirely– a considerable sacrifice for this ol fart.

Duggar family- kid number 18 on the way

Mothers’ Day first prize goes to Michelle Duggar of Arkansas, who’s pregnant with her 18th kid.

Check out this website. The Duggars have blasted out 17 kids already, with the oldest one being 20. Michelle has been pregnant more than 11 years of her life. There are sets of twins in this group — increased production efficiency. Check out this Discovery Channel website for some vital statistics.

Michelle and her husband Jim Bob occupy a 7000 square foot home in Arkansas, and have been home schooling the kids. Economy of scale allows them all to be fed on less than 2000 per month, and they are (this is amazing) debt free.

Myanmar is an even bigger Mess now

This situation is even sadder, since the Military “government” of Myanmar isn’t going to let anyone in to help these crushed people in the aftermath of the Cyclone.

They’re accepting some aid, but not personnel from the UN or the US. It means to me that the material goods donated to Myanmar aren’t going to get to the target population.

The death toll estimates keep climbing, now to a half million. A majority of deaths will likely be due to lack of infrastructure, and ability to care for the wounded.

Ten year old rape victim delivers baby in Idaho

A 10 year old kid has delivered a six lb baby last month in Idaho. Fremont County sheriff, Ralph Davis expressed surprise that a 10 year old could get pregnant and deliver. I’d say it’s time for people to wake up to the fact that these kids are showing up in the abortion clinics pretty often. We see 11 year olds delivering fairly often in the hospitals, so a ten year old getting pregnant is no shocker for me.
This kid didn’t go to the abortion clinic. So guess what. It appears that her rapist has been caught and there’s going to be solid evidence available.
He needs a life sentence in a Mexican prison, not one of our cushie establishments.