Consequences of Methotrexate Use for Pregnancies Misdiagnosed as Ectopic

A group of medical researchers in the U.S. and Canada have collected data on the catastrophic consequences of using methotrexate for pregnancies misdiagnosed as ectopic.

The reasearchers concluded, based on the always dire outcomes,
and frequent misdiagnosis, up to (40-50% in the ER), of ectopic pregnancy, that a non-judgmental system to allow further collection data on errors in the use of methotrexate needs to be collected.   Fear of reprisal severely inhibits the reporting of these cases.

Ectopic pregnancy, occurring when the embryo develops outside the uterus, is  often treated by salpingectomy (removal of  the embryo and fallopian tube), salpingotomy (less drastic), or the use of methotrexate to cause demise of the embryo, and resorption.  Use of this drug has increased drastically in the last 10 years as a means to preserve fertility for the mother.  Controversy surrounds the treatment for those who view it as a direct and specific  attack on the developing human, or for  those who cite the probability of  incorrect use.   Diagnostic emphasis in recent years  seems more geared towards avoiding missed cases of ectopic pregnancy, rather than being most certain  that the pregnancy is actually located outside of  the uterus.

The authors argued that ectopic pregnancy should be substantiated by a confirmatory ultrasound, and methotrexate used only after careful consideration.   They cited  the alway disastrous results of misapplied methotrexate treatment, including deaths of otherwise healthy unborn babies, or babies born with severe skeletal and cardiac defects.

Does this mean that stat orders for methotrexate from emergency departments, and orders of this drug for “possible ectopic pregnancy” should cease altogether?

More Kids Having Sex. Sellers of Birth Control Complain that Unbiased Info Unavailable to Teens

More youngsters having unsafe sex: global study – Yahoo! News.

The World Contraception Day task force together with Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals have conducted a survey showing that more kids are having sex without birth control and condoms in France, the U.S. and the U.K.

They fault a barrier to unbiased information about contraception as the cause.

Why is this ridiculous?  Just a sampling:

The source of the survey comes from those who sell birth control.

The products are misbranded as contraceptives, which the public defines as preventing fertilization.  Unfortunately drugs classed as contraceptives have multiple mechanisms, some of which are frankly abortive.

These groups  who promote sex among teens are complaining that kids don’t feel EMPOWERED enough to ask for contraception or negotiate such use with their partners.  Yes, young girls often don’t feel that they have the upper hand when coping with  older man who want sex.

It is proposed that the government will confer such empowerment upon the kids.   (Don’t hold your breath for an end to sex slavery, and other socially maladaptive behavior.)

An example of ‘ harmful myths’ is given:  people in ” Thailand and India believe that having sex during menstruation is an effective form of contraception”. FACT: this is an element of the calendar method, which would be more effective than the abysmal morning after pills, if actually used.  Unfortunately both methods are  more than useless for preventing  STDs.

Don’t expect unbiased  contraceptive advise from the makers of Yaz  (black box warning for DVT and stroke) and Mirena (drug eluting, indwelling, coat hanger).

Stanek weekend question: Why would a group promoting emergency contraception encourage men to buy it? – Jill Stanek

Stanek weekend question: Why would a group promoting emergency contraception encourage men to buy it? – Jill Stanek.

Found at the backupyourbirthcontrol site was encouragement for males to buy emergency contraception for their sex partners.  There seems to be huge support and encouragement people to have sex with those whom they don’t really like.  Jill Stanek’s weekend question got right to the heart of the matter, and bears repeating.

Plan B One-step (levonorgestrel 150 mcg) is the form which is available over the counter, and which may be purchased by both males and females.
Here is a Blast from the Past from pharmacy academics who favored the availability of the original Plan B  for use in  underage females.  This was the intended result of bringing the drug over the counter.
(If you read the entirety of  THIS article, you can appreciate the utter incompetence of one of the academics referenced in the Blast from the past link.)

It’s  important to remember that these morning after pills are NOT very effective.  The efficacy  is about 60 percent per SINGLE use.   Used repeatedly, the drugs are an absolute joke for preventing pregnancy.  Encouraging reliance upon the morning after pills (Ella included) is really an efficient  way to sell surgical or later forms of chemical abortions.   Encouraging guys to believe that the pill can increase their access to sex is a smart marketing move for the abortionists.  It also places the health and well being of girls and women at risk, since males can give them the drug without their consent.

It is a public service for Jill Stanek to have asked this question about the marketing of morning after pills to males.  This question needs to be repeated whenever and wherever possible, to highlight the rationale behind the morning after pills.

Ella  (ulipristal acetate, analog of RU-486 mifepristone) is available for morning after use by an ONLINE PRESCRIBING process.   It’s easy to obtain fraudulently and doses can be accumulated for later chemical abortions initiated at home.   This mechanism was allowed by the FDA in order to make up for the shortfall of physicians willing to do surgical abortions.

The only positive aspect of this scenario is that it is ultimately self-limiting.  Enhanced by the immunosuppressive qualities of the progestins, Chlamydia trachomatis and other STD organisms can help to prevent further propagation of people with this socially destructive mindset.

California quietly passes law to allow coerced vaccinations, removing parental rights : Moral Outcry

California quietly passes law to allow coerced vaccinations, removing parental rights : Moral Outcry.

AB-499 has been passed by the California Legislature and awaits Governor Jerry Brown’s signature.   It transfers consent for the Gardasil vaccine for HPV  to the authority of 12 year old girls, bypassing their parents.  Of course the parents would remain financially responsible for untoward effects of the drug in their children.

Obama Jobs Bill Might Not Help Touted Bridge –

Obama Jobs Bill Might Not Help Touted Bridge –

Obama is grandstanding on the Brent Spence bridge, not very far from  Pharmer’s rural dwelling.  In fact, that’s the bridge Pharmer used to cross  on the way to her undergraduate educational institution.  The Brent Spence is in reasonable shape,  does not need reconstruction, but does need another bridge next to it, because it’s a traffic bottleneck over the Ohio River.   Obama’s  second try at selling the “shovel” ready jobs is meant to supply immediate gratification.  This won’t be applicable to the Cincinnati area, where Obama is appearing.

So, it’s all symbolism and no substance.  Cincinnati will not be seeing bridgework from this funding package of Obama.   It’s more likely that the EPA will forbid building of further bridges between Cincinnat and Northern Kentucky, out of intense concern for the catfish (big as sharks), sauger and longnose gar of the Ohio river. 😉

Pharmer was also amused to see mention, in the LA Times, that Reid had no time for Obama’s jobs bill, and that it would not get attention until later in the fall at the earliest.   Read fast, this article is going to disappear:

“But there is some possible good news for President Obama: The $447-billion jobs bill that he wanted passed “right now” back in early September is stuck in a legislative traffic jam in the Senate.”

News flash…… it’s a tax and spend bill that has to start out in the Congress, according to the Constitution,  and Obama’s “bill” has NOT BEEN INTRODUCED THERE yet.

The Los Angeles Times is Shovel Ready.  :))

Why Do Peyton Manning, Americans Leave U.S. for Stem Cell Treatment? |

Why Do Peyton Manning, Americans Leave U.S. for Stem Cell Treatment? |

Rebecca Taylor,  author of the Mary Meets Dolly blog, comments on the reasons for medical tourism out of the United States for AUTOLOGOUS stem cell transplants.  These use the patients own cells, so there are no ethical restrictions in law regarding these procedures.  The road block for this kind of treatment is the FDA, which regards the treatment as a DRUG, and regulates it as such.

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Solyndra execs will decline to testify at hearing | Agricultural Commodities | Reuters

Solyndra execs will decline to testify at hearing | Agricultural Commodities | Reuters.

Solyndra is the Green energy company which went bankrupt very shortly after receiving $535 million dollars in federal grants.

The CEO and other top officers plan to utilize 5th amendment rights when called up for the Friday Congressional hearings.

Obviously there is quite a bit to hide….. such as the method for losing a half billion dollars in government funds.

The FBI has raided the homes of company officers, and very surprisingly the mainstream media  is carrying the death story of this company which was highlighted by Obama as part of his green energy programs.

Some have concluded that with the media no longer performing stenography for the White House,  Obama might decline to run for a second term.

Third Teen Sentenced in Beating death of 81 year old man

Va. teen convicted in Tempe man’s beating death – East Valley Tribune: Tempe.

Three Lynchburg teens involved in beating an 81 year old visitor from Tempe Arizona to death have been sentenced.   At the time of the murder, two of the perpetrators were 16 and the third was 13.  The victim, George Baker, had attended the wedding of his granddaughter, and was attacked outside a hotel shortly after reception.

The last teen to be sentenced is Vernon Jackson who pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder.   The 13 year old,  who kicked  the victim in the head after he was on the ground, will be released from juvenile facilities by age 21.  Kenneth Davis was  blamed as the primary attacker, and was sentenced for up to 35 years.  He was said to have told his friends that he was going to hit the first person that he saw.

Information which was omitted from the news  reports exists in this search warrant.