Obama Jobs Bill Might Not Help Touted Bridge – Investors.com

Obama Jobs Bill Might Not Help Touted Bridge – Investors.com.

Obama is grandstanding on the Brent Spence bridge, not very far from  Pharmer’s rural dwelling.  In fact, that’s the bridge Pharmer used to cross  on the way to her undergraduate educational institution.  The Brent Spence is in reasonable shape,  does not need reconstruction, but does need another bridge next to it, because it’s a traffic bottleneck over the Ohio River.   Obama’s  second try at selling the “shovel” ready jobs is meant to supply immediate gratification.  This won’t be applicable to the Cincinnati area, where Obama is appearing.

So, it’s all symbolism and no substance.  Cincinnati will not be seeing bridgework from this funding package of Obama.   It’s more likely that the EPA will forbid building of further bridges between Cincinnat and Northern Kentucky, out of intense concern for the catfish (big as sharks), sauger and longnose gar of the Ohio river. 😉

Pharmer was also amused to see mention, in the LA Times, that Reid had no time for Obama’s jobs bill, and that it would not get attention until later in the fall at the earliest.   Read fast, this article is going to disappear:

“But there is some possible good news for President Obama: The $447-billion jobs bill that he wanted passed “right now” back in early September is stuck in a legislative traffic jam in the Senate.”

News flash…… it’s a tax and spend bill that has to start out in the Congress, according to the Constitution,  and Obama’s “bill” has NOT BEEN INTRODUCED THERE yet.

The Los Angeles Times is Shovel Ready.  :))