Assistant Teacher Files Suit: Religious Discrimination, Wrongful Termination

Assistant teacher says she was fired for Christian faith –

Anita Wooten-Francis, an asssistant teacher of special ed instructer at the Canarsie school in Brooklyn, has filed suit against the city, the DOE, and principal George Andrews for religious discrimination and unspecified damages stemming from her termination.

Wooten-Francis cites a plethora of improprieties occurring at the school, many involving the behavior of the principal torwards her personally, and directly related to her personal religious practices. For 16 years prior to 2004, she experienced no difficulty at the school regarding her teaching or religious practice.

The 52 year old instructor  states that she never influenced the children with her religion, and that the charges leading to her firing are false.

She is accused of grabbing a student at the school, which is said to be implausible due to the nerve damage in her hands and feet.   She is described by a fellow teacher  (who fears reprisal)  as dedicated to the kids,  a “fantastic lady” who “wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

From the NY Post:

“I’m a Christian,” Wooten-Francis said. “I believe Jesus Christ is my lord and savior . . . I know that I’m trusting God, and the truth will come out.”

photo: j.c.rice