School Suspends and Charges Student for Father’s Fishing Knife Found in Car

The performance of Northwest High School officials in Clarksville, Tennessee joins the lineup of Stupid Educator Tricks, featured on this blog. The officials  are accompanied by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s dept, which is levying weapons charges against a high school kid who made the mistake of borrowing his father’s car.

David Duren-Sanner’s future is put on hold, because his father, a commercial fisherman, had a fishing knife inside the car, which David parked on school property. David gave permission for a random search of his car to be searched during the school’s lockdown exercise, likely because he had no idea that his father’s knife was there.

Now David has 10 days suspension, 90 days at an alternative school, on probation, and is facing weapons charges. Peggy Duren, David’s grandmother, with whom he is living, claims that this is his first disciplinary trip to the H.S. principal’s office. “Guilty until proven innocent” is how she describes the zero tolerance policy to Clarksville’s News Channel 5.

There is a petition online if you’d like to weigh in on one more whacko method of teaching kids to disrespect authority, exercised by the Northeast high school officials and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s dept.

Or you could click on the name and tell Principal  Galea Jefferies exactly how you feel about the handling of this situation.

Perhaps they should be asked what positive incentive would a kid have to  obey the law, if he can be so heavily  penalized for a normally legal item which is found  in a car that he has borrowed??

North West High School, Clarksville, TN
North West High School, Clarksville, TN

High School Censors Flyer of Pro-life Student Group

Bryce Asberg, the 15 year old founder of Students for Life at Wilson High School, has fought an uphill battle with school officials who are trying to suppress his group’s efforts. The latest affront is censorship of their pro-life flyers, with the claim that they express a potentially offensive agenda. (Click HERE to judge the content of the flyiers for yourself.) Wilson Students for Life has had enough.

Wilson High School, Tacoma Washington is now dealing with a challenge to their censorship of pro-life speech and writing, and the extra work that comes justifying such policies to American citizens who are accustomed to freedom of speech.

The point man for censorship activity against the Students for Life group at Wilson HS is Vice Principal Shane Sliva and he can be contacted at (253-571-6076) or e-mail ( Ask him to cease and desist in his efforts to suppress the speech and activities of the pro-life student group.

Wilson High School Tacoma harassing pro life students
Wilson High School, Tacoma Washington – Contact information. Click the image to ’embiggen’ Everyone loves fan mail. Be gentle.

Biased Sociology Classes and How to Avoid Them.

Anna Chapman reports from the University of South Carolina that her Sociology textbook, by Karen K. Kirst-Ashman, is so extremely biased against political conservatives, “so in your face” that “people need to know about it”.  The book is used for the  Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare class, which is first in line in the USC social work program.

Selections from the textbook, trashing Ronald Reagan with false claims,  and painting conservatives as anti-woman and anti-charity, reveal the author’s divorce from reality.  Ignoring Reagan’s numerous female appointees, including first women ever appointed to the Supreme Court, UN ambassador, and Secretary of Transportation, the book stated that Reagan “ascribed to women primarily domestic functions, and failed to appoint many women to significant positions of power.”  By the way, Reagan’s HHS secretary was also female.

University of South Carolina  is preparing kids for a low paying career in social work by filling them with information that just isn’t true.  This institution and other universities are defrauding their students by 1) telling them lies, and 2) charging outrageous prices, and 3) encouraging huge indebtedness to prepare people for careers with nearly the lowest return on investment for college graduates.

There are ways to protect yourself from high priced brainwashing in Sociology class, if you need to take it to fulfill a general educational requirement.

Some high schools offer early college, and it seems that many community colleges are not as freakishly leftist as larger universities. You can opt to get a sociology requirement out of way using those options, for less tuition cost.
If you are a decent test taker, use this method to fulfill the requirement. Pretend you are a flaming leftist while taking the CLEP test. The evil “Teddy Kennedy” persona got a 98 percentile on the sociology CLEP test that your friendly Pharmer took. CLEP testing is still the cheapest and best option for earning college credit to fulfill general requirements.  Don’t forget to review a glossary or summary of sociology terminology and buzzwords before testing, or skim a textbook if you have a strong stomach. You can guess at the bogus study results and do OK.

These avoidance strategies are a form of boycott, and serve to shrink a detrimental academic industry. Never pay full tuition prices to have your mind filled with Crap.

What Your Pharmacist Doesn’t Know about Plan B

The folks at a major healthcare professional  education provider were scooped by Mother Jones and, prior to that, by yours truly, regarding the ineffectiveness of Plan B ONE-STEP for the bigger girls.

They had to update their not so good analysis of the morning after pills and …. it’s still not so good. If they were offering compensation, yours truly would tell them more, but this example is blogged to illustrate a single point. The public should know that their busy health care professionals are treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed B.S. concerning birth control in general.

 Pharmacists have to think about a concept of steady state when asked by physicians to dose antibiotics and other drugs, or if they work in the field of drug development. Steady state is the condition during which the intake of a drug is in a sort of equilibrium with the output or the elimination of the drug. This assumes regular dosing of the drug. Steady state generally occurs after several doses and after about 5 times the half life of the drug. Ideally drug levels at steady state are high enough to be effective, and low enough to be ‘non-toxic’.

Casting about for the reason why Plan B ONE STEP doesn’t work in American women of average size or greater, the team at this Professional Education Provider, led by N B O’ Pharm.D., BCPS,wrote the following:

“The exact mechanism for the reduced efficacy seen in overweight and obese women using levonorgestrel is not known. One proposed mechanism is that in women with an increased BMI, there is a delay in time to steady state and a prolonged half-life as seen in studies with combined oral contraceptives.21″

This nonsensically applied  idea was blamed on the article below, which covered birth control hormones in general, and addressed the drugs that females take orally every day, or those which continuously supply hormone(s) to the body,  such as patches and depot injections.

Edelman AB, Cherala G, Stanczyk FZ. Metabolism and pharmacokinetics of contraceptive steroids in obese women: a review. Contraception 2010;82:314-23.

Some poor PharmD educator is talking about STEADY STATE with respect to a drug which is taken in a single dose : Plan B ONE STEP!! 

Steady State Never Happens with a single such dose!

This is just a single example but it illustrates the point.

 1) Most of your health care professionals are generally lost in the weeds regarding birth control, and don’t know what they’re talking about. That includes the ones who really SHOULD know what they’re talking about.

 Bonus) Be assured that birth control generally does not work as well in real life as the studies claim, and many factors contribute to this.

Please consider adjusting life style and reproductive planning with at least these two facts in mind.


Fundraiser for Teacher Fired for being Pro-Life

Pharmer has been transmitting the story of Bill Diss, the Portland Oregon high school math/computer science teacher, who was fired from his teaching job for opposing Planned Parenthood. Click above for the stories.

Jimmy Nolan is fundraising for Mr. Diss, to help him fight the school board’s decision to fire him. If you’d like to help, the donation link is embedded below.

Update:  12/17/13  Portland Public School District has dismissed Mr. Diss from his position, based upon his religious and ethical beliefs that abortion is wrong.   This dismissal comes despite his being the only teacher  in the state who is qualified to teach college level computer science to H.S. students for dual credit. Life Legal Defense Foundation intends to pursue further defense of Mr. Diss’s civil rights in this matter.

Teacher Would Only Accept Paper if it Argued For Abortion

Lifesite News covers  the story of  Palatine High School sophomore, Abigail Cornejo’s tussle with her English teacher, David Valentino.

The argument was over her choice to write an anti-abortion argument for an assignment on controversial topics.   Abigail supplied a detailed account of her back and forth with the nominally Catholic, Valentino who, she said, did not want the topic covered because he was tired of hearing about it.

In a final conversation, Abigail says that he told her she could cover the topic, but only from the pro-abortion position.  This she could not do, so she’s now covering the issue of stem cell research.  She says “My teacher may think I’m ‘over it’, but this is just the beginning.”

Pharmer’s happy to hear that another high schooler is fired up about the pro-life issues, and is filing the account of David Valentino under ‘Stupid Educator Tricks’.

Pro-lifers Show up at Portland School Meeting to Support Bill Diss

Friday’s Hearing for  Math Teacher Bill Diss, who was suspended for his opposition to Planned Parenthood,  was well attended by pro-lifers showing support.
Says Brendan O’Morchoe for “The principal of Diss’ school (who has a documented history of attacking and reprimanding Diss for his pro-life views) and vice principal testified against Diss citing instances of students “feeling uncomfortable” with some of the assignments Diss required from them in his math classes. Curiously, evaluations of Diss prior to 2007 were all exemplary.
Only after Diss’ public opposition to Planned Parenthood in his community did the scrutiny and harassment begin. Fellow teachers and a teachers’ union representative dismissed the concerns raised by the principal and vice principal, citing evidence supported by Portland school laws that Diss had not committed any legitimate wrongdoings in his classroom over the course of his career.”

The name of the principal not given in the LifeNews article, but there has been a change of staff. The Old list from last year  shows Bill Diss, still teaching, and Carol Campbell as Principal The New List,  mostly shown below shows Curtis Wilson as the current principal, and the exemplary math teacher, Mr. Diss is unfortunately gone.   One wonders why there was a change of principals for this school year.  It’s a mystery.

Lifenews says that Mr. Diss has a lot of support among the students, parents and other teachers.  Students for life will be providing the updates and outcome of the decision at the Portland Public School district.

Benson High school without diss, new principal
Benson High school without Bill Diss,  new principal shown BELOW 2013-2014
Benson High School without diss, new principal bottom
Benson High School without diss, new principal bottom

Bottom of list shows the new principal

Update: LA Teacher, Bondage Abuser, Pleading No Contest to Charges

Mark Berndt, the LA teacher at Miramonte Elementary, who played bondage and ‘special sauce’ tasting games with his students had managed to hold onto his health benefits, and tie up his firing in legal processes since his activities were exposed in 2009.

Things have finally caught up with Berndt, and he plans to plead no contest to 23 charges of child molestation on Friday.   The plea agreement is for a prison sentence of 25 years.  Legal settlements for the LA Unified School district run into Eight figures.

Seventy six teachers at Miramont were cooling their heels at an empty high school while restructuring occurred, and 46 are returning to Miramonte under a new principal.  A second Miramonte teacher, Martin Springer,  awaits trial for fondling a second grader in class.

Unmentioned is whether Berndt has lost his health benefits yet.

Portland Schools to Take Math Teacher’s License Because He Opposed Planned Parenthood

It appears that Bill Diss, a respected and much loved math teacher in Portland Oregon might be declared Unfit to Teach because of his open opposition to Planned Parenthood and its baby killing ways.  His formal hearing is tomorrow, at the headquarters for the Portland Public School which is located at 501 N. Dixon Street in Portland, Oregon, beginning at 4 p.m. on November 14.

You might have read this story about Mr. Diss, walking out of a planned parenthood sex ed class that had invaded his classroom at the behest of his superiors.

It’s a fact that public school teachers might be put on probation or given unpaid leave if they molest their own students, but if they oppose planned parenthood………. they can lose their license to teach.

Is your school district as miserable as that of Portland (the U.S. capital of child sex slavery) Oregon?

A.C. Kinsey Institute Announces the Obvious

obamaBCgotinsurance2Your friendly Pharmer has said for years that women participating in the casual sex culture are just serving men as they were programmed to do.

The  A.C. Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, Reproduction [and Abuse] has published a study, which has the New York Times folks all atwitter.  Yep, someone wasted money to find out the obvious:  women don’t usually have orgasms when having sex with strangers or casual acquaintances.

Well DUH!!!!

Expect the perverts to imply that something is wrong with a woman who is  not able to have an orgasm when sexing with someone who knows (cares) nothing about her, and a drug will have to be developed to overcome this.  The currently available drugs, alcohol, benzodiazepines, pot, antidepressants, have simply allowed women to tolerate the thankless performance of their social duties.

At the end of the article, is mention of a woman who says she forgoes the O’s for the other pleasurable benefits associated with the casual sex.  She calls it “the freedom to enjoy it all”. In other words, there is some kind of pleasure derived from the compensation  for service.

The O-gurls in the new obamacare birth control insurance ads  sure do look excited about their impending no-gasms.

UPDATE:  An article in the UK Telegraph indicates  that porn use might be changing the brains of men, and training them how to displease their female sex partners.  The Pharm also has info on the No Fap movement,  to free people from these problems, which are  associated with porn use.