A.C. Kinsey Institute Announces the Obvious

obamaBCgotinsurance2Your friendly Pharmer has said for years that women participating in the casual sex culture are just serving men as they were programmed to do.

The  A.C. Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, Reproduction [and Abuse] has published a study, which has the New York Times folks all atwitter.  Yep, someone wasted money to find out the obvious:  women don’t usually have orgasms when having sex with strangers or casual acquaintances.

Well DUH!!!!

Expect the perverts to imply that something is wrong with a woman who is  not able to have an orgasm when sexing with someone who knows (cares) nothing about her, and a drug will have to be developed to overcome this.  The currently available drugs, alcohol, benzodiazepines, pot, antidepressants, have simply allowed women to tolerate the thankless performance of their social duties.

At the end of the article, is mention of a woman who says she forgoes the O’s for the other pleasurable benefits associated with the casual sex.  She calls it “the freedom to enjoy it all”. In other words, there is some kind of pleasure derived from the compensation  for service.

The O-gurls in the new obamacare birth control insurance ads  sure do look excited about their impending no-gasms.

UPDATE:  An article in the UK Telegraph indicates  that porn use might be changing the brains of men, and training them how to displease their female sex partners.  The Pharm also has info on the No Fap movement,  to free people from these problems, which are  associated with porn use.



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