Cheney to Ruin Obama’s Weekend

Shortly after Obama and Biden have taken credit for the Bush policy in Iraq, the surge, and the resultant strengthening of Iraq’s elected government, former VP Dick Cheney will appear on ABC “This Week” to correct the misperceptions.

As we recall, both Obama and Biden spoke repeatedly against Bush’s Iraq war effort, opposed General Petraeus,  opposed the troop surge, and declared the war a loss.

Lately there has been a sudden turnaround, with the Obama administration wishing to take credit for victory in Iraq. Those of us, with any  political memory at all, can recognize this blatant lie.  For those without the memory,  Pharmer is happy to supply a few links and a bit of video.

The coming week will be interesting as Obama’s administration is forced to respond to Cheney’s criticisms once more.   Pharmer appreciates that Cheney has seen fit to sacrifice hope of a peaceful retirement,  remind people of the facts, and goad the current administration regarding its weak foreign policy.