Dem reveals “abortion” in Planned Parenthood funding debate – Another Media Screwup

“I really planned to speak about something else but the gentleman from New Jersey just put my stomach in knots because I’m one of those women he spoke about just now. I had a procedure at 17 weeks pregnant with a child who moved from the vagina into the cervix. And that procedure that you just described is a procedure that I endured,” Speier said.

via Dem reveals abortion in Planned Parenthood funding debate – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.

Sometimes legislators might have to recuse themselves from certain decisions, if their tragic personal experiences prevent them from thinking clearly on the matters.

Congress is debating the defunding of elective abortions.  Congresswoman Jackie Speier  has apparently lost a baby due to a medical problem which she was not able to  accurately describe, though she gave it a try.

It is possible that many of the legislators need some coaching on anatomy and other medical details  so that they can make a cogent determination concerning what is elective abortion.   Most certainly Speier needs some coaching so as to be able to describe her own situation, and distinguish it from the procedures which are about to be defunded.

Pharmer feels quite  certain that Speier’s medical difficulty was  not as she described, and was not dealt with at a planned parenthood clinic.

Planned parenthood is able to support its abortion industry through the fungible tax allocations and medicaid payments which come from state and federal governments.    It will lose more than a third of its income if this is cut off.

The article linked above dishonestly implies that there is a wall of separation between the abortion and other services, facilities and personnel at planned parenthood.   Insiders  and financial reports from that corporation inform us otherwise.

An afternoon surf over to Jill’s blog digs up a 2003 biographical article found by sharp-eyed Janet, which describes Speier’s “abortion” as a miscarraige. It also describes a life peppered with disasters and tragedies.   From the article:

“Instead, she met and married Sierra, becoming the first legislator to give birth in office when her son, Jackson, was born. Then came a miscarriage, then a second miscarriage, in her second trimester. The couple adopted a baby, whom Speier named and joyfully introduced on the Assembly floor, before a fateful call: The birth mother had changed her mind and was going to reclaim the baby.”

Found there also, was the video version, in which the hapless congresswoman makes herself the poster-grrl for abortion, thereby inflicting a  disaster on herself.


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