Harry Reid Worried about November Election, Opposing the Mosque

The primary evidence to show the democrat desperation to be reelected is their break with Obama on the Mosque construction at ground zero..

Reid publicly announced his opposition to the leftist + muslim effort to declare victory over America by building a mosque where Islamic terrorists killed over 3000 people at the World trade center. ¬† Please note that the above link is to a UK newspaper ūüėČ

Interestingly the leftists have not yet figured out that a mosque does not represent victory for them, as their social agenda will not but supported there.

Fun facts:

The lefties have denied rebuilding of  St. Nicholas, a  Greek Orthodox church which had already existed in the same area.

Plans to build  a gay bar next to the proposed mosque also exist, and the prospective owner, Greg Gutfeld plans to cater to muslim men.

The ACLU favors the building of the mosque…….

yet it is famous for opposing public displays of Christian beliefs.

The ACLU also opposes the professional position not to purposely kill humans in health care practice.  Interestingly Muslims are also gaining media attention for the same pro-life position.

One may peruse massive literature ¬†on the ACLU pro-killing position at www.aclu.org ¬†oddly catagorized as ¬†“reproductive rights”.

Religious Tolerance of the lefties is very selective.

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  1. Most leftists I've ever seen go right of Attila the Hun when you disagree with their views. Good posting.

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