Immigrant left Vietnam to Escape Religious Persecution

Arsonist sets Jesus statue on fire |

..only to find that it continues here in the U.S.  Tuan Pham  was imprisoned in Vietnam for his Catholic beliefs.   He later emigrated to the U.S.  only to find hostility towards his religious beliefs and practice in Minnesota.

An arsonist set fire to a 7 foot statue of Jesus which Mr. Pham  had  placed in his prayer garden.  The city of St. Paul  is also demanding that the statue be moved, having received a complaint about its visibility.

Why Contact Luc Chatel? Because he Fired a Teacher for Presenting Abortion Debate.

Life Site News:  History teacher in France fired for presenting abortion debate to  class.

Philippe Isnard, a history teacher in the public school system of France has been fired for presenting the abortion debate to his 15 and 16 year old students, after complaints from post-abortive parents, abortion supporters and the decidedly pro-abort media.

Isnard noted that the kids are considered sexually mature at that age, have been exposed to abortion and contraception info, and have access to the morning after pill at school without parental consent.  “If they’re considered old enough to be sexually active, they should also be made aware of the consequences of their actions,” he said.

Isnard is barred from employment at any publicly funded school, and all benefits and access to the social welfare system have been cut off.   This is an example of the socialist government method of mind and speech control.

Visit the site of Philippe Isnard’s new organization, ProVie France.

Some contact information for you:

French Minister of Education Luc Chatel

Ministry of National Education, Advanced Instruction, and Research

110 rue de Grenelle, 75357 Paris SP 07

Web site:



In French-  the contact page with more email addresses.  Why not make a list?

Pharmer thinks the Ministry of Education would benefit from access to opportunities for post-abortion healing.



Christian Copts Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Targeted for Demolition in Egypt

Pakistan Christian Post.

Look where you have to go to get news of what’s happening to Christians in Egypt.

Ahmed Dia-el-Din, Governor of Minya has been extorting huge amounts of money from Coptic Christians.  He demanded that families in the village of Saeed Abdelmassih  come up with a million pounds or donate land to build a mosque in  this place which has no Muslims.  When they refused to pay, he ordered demolition of three homes, which was accomplished on Feb 28th.   The governor is also threatening to demolish a Coptic  community center  (Mallawi Diocese) which serves for rehabilitation and education of special needs youth.   So far, demonstrations and anger from the Coptic communities have forstalled this.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights has reported 53  actions by Muslims against Copts  from 2008 to 2010,  Of 29 districts,  the Minya governorate leads the pack  with 21 incidents.

Memorializing Pakistani Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti

An interview with Minister Bhatti prior to his assassination, on March 2  which a colleague shared with the media after his assassination by Islamic extremists,  and which was  disseminated by Al Jazeera English.

“I have struggled for a long time for justice and equality. If I change my stance today, who will speak out? I am mindful that I can be assassinated any time, but I want to live in history as a courageous man.”   -Shabbaz Bhatti

Pharmer adds a little assist to accomplish the minister’s wish.

Contact information found at  Lifesite News.

Embassy of Pakistan, USA
3517 International Court NW
Washington, DC 20008.
Phone: 202-243-6500, Fax: 202-686-1534

High Commission for Pakistan in Canada
10 Range Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 8J3
Phone: (613) 238-7881-2 lines, Fax: (613) 238-7296


Such A Cranky Gurl – Maria Fotopoulos

Maria Fotopolous, a transplant from Oklahoma to California, and professional writer, was caught Hot Flashing by Izzy Lyman over at Breitbart. Displayed there is a pic of Maria which looks as though a tetanic contraction of the uterine myometrium might be in progress. Maria is cranking off at the Duggars for their prodigious reproduction rate.

Ms. Maria  has not  always been so ragged-out though. You can see her in some better moods at her turbodog50 Twitter home and her Turbodog Communications business site. Not all of her writing is as whacked as what we saw in this article she wrote for the California population controllers. It’s fair to say that in some cases she has shown a respectfulness of religion. But she’s in no mood for the faith expression of the Duggars, which acknowledges God as being in charge of the reproductive output.

A toxin has poisoned Fotopoulos’s brain, and may perhaps be  potentiated  by a personal sense of failure in the reproduction department.    This Toxin exacerbates  the  Greenie Dogma  that the earth cannot sustain its current population, though it  could be packed into the state of Texas,  and will be in actual decline by 2050 or sooner.  Such whacky doomsday faith has caused her to see Margaret Sanger, (who comes complete with murderous, eugenics  agenda)  as a force for positive change.

So one must wonder………. who put the PCP in Maria’s kombuchu tea  last  week??

The Thought of Losing all that Federal Money Caused Vanderbilt to Drop It’s Abortion Policy for Nursing Residents.

Voila! Vanderbilt drops abortion demand.

Yes…. 300 million bucks in Federal money — could have been held back from Vanderbilt had it continued using its application form, which was worded in such a way to prevent pro-life nurses from applying to its women’s health care track.

That, and the publicity provided by the Alliance Defense fund and allied pro-lifers was a bit much for the school.  This news was all over the place

Vanderbilt’s application letter has been modified so that it no longer contains the demand of nurses to provide care for women who are undergoing  abortions.

Vanderbilt has been trying to save face by claiming that the letter didn’t really mean to coerce participation  in the abortions themselves.    (Experienced health care professionals know that it would have.)

Nursing residents should expect a hostile work environment from those who run the woman’s health care track inside of Vanderbilt, since they are the origin of that application form.  They will not like having had to modify it,  likely at the behest of those higher up, who could not stand this publicity, nor the thought of losing the federal grants.

Any overtly pro-life health care professional will experience some form of negative backlash in  the majority of health care institutions.

People who know they should have stood up for the sanctity of human life  often  resent those who actually do.  You’ll find some of these people in surprising places.

It doesn’t matter that Vanderbilt’s woman’s health division of the nursing school has rescinded its demand.   Pro-life nurses who enter there might want to keep a lawyer on their speed dial.

Thanks to the Alliance Defense fund for attending to the Vanderbilt case, and for sharing this information.

The Pro Aborts Hate Even Those Christians Who are Already Afraid to Speak Out Against Abortion

‘God raped Mary’ posters ‘hate crime’ – Canada –

Youth for Christ is one of those Birthright type organizations which will offer alternatives to abortion,  but does not act or speak  in  opposition abortion itself.

Even still, it is in the cross-hairs of Canada’s abortophiles, who placed placards saying “God Raped Mary” in Winnipeg Canada, to mark the Christmas season.   Apparently helping women who don’t want to abort is offensive –(business competition).

Says John Courtney, Exec of Youth for Christ:  “If this were any religion other than Christianity, it would quickly be labelled a hate crime.”

Maybe Canada needs a fresh infusion of Muslims to roll back this entrenched abortion problem of theirs.

HUD would be afraid to do this to a Muslim

Case Dropped Against Michigan Woman Seeking Christian Roommate|.

Or…… in other words, there’s a downside to turning the other cheek.

The U.S. Housing and Urban Development agency harassed a single woman in  Grand Rapids, Michigan for putting up a notice in her church, seeking a roommate of similar faith. In their demented minds, they assumed the  authority  to tell the woman with whom she could share the single bathroom in her home.

The ADF has gotten itself involved in this case, and HUD has dropped its accusation of housing discrimination, but has concluded that a two year window exists in which the complainant can sue this poor lady in civil court.

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’ – Telegraph

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan ‘for blasphemy’ – Telegraph.

Travel carefully.  Other places do not have religious freedom.    You might be imprisoned or hung for saying the wrong thing.

Asia Bibi, a 45 year old mother of five is sentenced to hang for defaming Muhammed, although there is no evidence that she actually did or said such a thing.

Great Britain is another place of extreme political correctness, although at this time you might only be imprisoned for “hate speech” if you speak  opposition to Islam or to gay practice.

The ACLU Finds Abortion To Be More Essential Than Open Heart Surgery

ACLU Tries to Force Abortions on Catholic Hospitals | Daily News |

This is why the ACLU has been trying to compel Catholic Hospitals to do Abortions,  but has made no move to compel  Any Hospitals  to do open heart procedures.

Many smaller hospitals have to outsource the most complex surgical procedures.    Innumerable human lives have been lost in rural and other remote locations because their needs could not be met at small hospitals or clinics.  But the ACLU has made no move to address this serious problem.  (In addition, the it  has stood behind an administration which seeks to reduce the availability of high tech,  lifesaving care in the entire country as a method of cost containment.)

Instead the ACLU has put forth a stipulation, without evidence, that cutting up a baby and sucking it out can sometimes be necessary to save a woman’s life, and submitted a demand to the Dept of Health and Human Services that abortion be provided by all hospitals as emergency care.

The ACLU’s demand  could close down a lot of emergency rooms, and precipitate  innumerable more deaths from lack of available care, but that is obviously NOT their concern.

Abortion  serves to conceal  abusive sexual practices.  This is what distinguishes abortion from essential services such as open heart or robotic surgery. This is the only possible reason that the ACLU could prioritize abortion so strenuously over other life saving procedures.