Such A Cranky Gurl – Maria Fotopoulos

Maria Fotopolous, a transplant from Oklahoma to California, and professional writer, was caught Hot Flashing by Izzy Lyman over at Breitbart. Displayed there is a pic of Maria which looks as though a tetanic contraction of the uterine myometrium might be in progress. Maria is cranking off at the Duggars for their prodigious reproduction rate.

Ms. Maria  has not  always been so ragged-out though. You can see her in some better moods at her turbodog50 Twitter home and her Turbodog Communications business site. Not all of her writing is as whacked as what we saw in this article she wrote for the California population controllers. It’s fair to say that in some cases she has shown a respectfulness of religion. But she’s in no mood for the faith expression of the Duggars, which acknowledges God as being in charge of the reproductive output.

A toxin has poisoned Fotopoulos’s brain, and may perhaps be  potentiated  by a personal sense of failure in the reproduction department.    This Toxin exacerbates  the  Greenie Dogma  that the earth cannot sustain its current population, though it  could be packed into the state of Texas,  and will be in actual decline by 2050 or sooner.  Such whacky doomsday faith has caused her to see Margaret Sanger, (who comes complete with murderous, eugenics  agenda)  as a force for positive change.

So one must wonder………. who put the PCP in Maria’s kombuchu tea  last  week??

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