Why Contact Luc Chatel? Because he Fired a Teacher for Presenting Abortion Debate.

Life Site News:  History teacher in France fired for presenting abortion debate to  class.

Philippe Isnard, a history teacher in the public school system of France has been fired for presenting the abortion debate to his 15 and 16 year old students, after complaints from post-abortive parents, abortion supporters and the decidedly pro-abort media.

Isnard noted that the kids are considered sexually mature at that age, have been exposed to abortion and contraception info, and have access to the morning after pill at school without parental consent.  “If they’re considered old enough to be sexually active, they should also be made aware of the consequences of their actions,” he said.

Isnard is barred from employment at any publicly funded school, and all benefits and access to the social welfare system have been cut off.   This is an example of the socialist government method of mind and speech control.

Visit the site of Philippe Isnard’s new organization, ProVie France.

Some contact information for you:

French Minister of Education Luc Chatel

Ministry of National Education, Advanced Instruction, and Research

110 rue de Grenelle, 75357 Paris SP 07

Web site: http://www.education.gouv.fr/


E-mail: sup-info@education.gouv.fr

In French-  the contact page with more email addresses.  Why not make a list?

Pharmer thinks the Ministry of Education would benefit from access to opportunities for post-abortion healing.