If You Inspect Them, They Will Close

Michigan is losing its seventh abortion clinic within a year, and another clinic in Ohio has shuttered.

The Capital Care Clinic in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio was closed after an inspection of its records by the Ohio Dept of health and the DEA.  Several major problems were found.

1) The clinic was stealing samples of patient’s blood, without telling them, for use in checking reagents to test blood for Rh factor.

2) The medical records of the patients were worthless, containing no evidence of proper identification and monitoring of vital signs during anaesthesia and the procedures.

3) Insufficient staff and inaccurate staff records

4 Controlled substances were being administered by unlicensed personnel.

The DEA removed the controlled drugs from the clinic, and this  absence of most of the pain meds necessitated closing the clinic.

abortion clinic closed 5-13

Michigan’s second oldest, (and the seventh clinic in eight months) has closed down.
Birth Control Center began services in 1974, and had once sued to strike down state licensing requirements for abortion clinics.  From 1981 until 1999, abortion clinics in Michigan were unregulated.  Things have changed now, and abortion clinics in Michigan now must be licensed as outpatient surgical facilities.   The Birth Control Center was unable to maintain itself as expected of normal medical facilities, and it closed down.   Dr. Richard Goldfine, who ran this clinic, still practices in Bingham Farms, Michigan.