Leftist Portland’s dark world of child sex trafficking – Washington Times

Portland’s dark world of child sex trafficking – Washington Times.

The city of Portland Oregon sees fit to have only two officers on it’s vice squad,  possibly because i’s situation as a major hub of underage sex trafficking  (slaves)  is palatable enough to it’s “young, green, hip” population.   Those adjectives are Washington Times code words for liberal.

This phenomenon in Oregon, vying with Amsterdam for pollution and abuse of minors,  fits neatly as a finishing piece in  the puzzle of  liberal programs which encourage sexual activity in the very young,  conceal the sexual abuse of minors,  allow minors to obtain abortions without parental consent,  leave parents completely out of the sex education  in the public schools, and allow school officials to supply birth control  to minors, and transport them for abortions.

Portland Oregon is the ‘reward’ liberals have gotten for their efforts, and given their unwillingness to address the obvious problem,  one can safely assume that most of them like it this way.

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