Martin Haskell’s Sharonville, Ohio Clinic Shut Down

Operation Rescue brings news of the Ohio Dept. of Health shutting down Women’s Med Center, a  Cincinnati area abortion clinic, run by the infamous Martin Haskell.  It is expected to be shuttered on Feb 4, this year.

Haskell was a nationally known  proponent of the now illegal partial birth abortion method which involved a face-down, partial breech delivery, and puncturing the head of the baby before it had fully exited  the vaginal canal.

A history of problems accompanied Haskell’s abortion practices, some documented by Operation Rescue. Haskell’s remaining Dayton clinic still operates under a similar variance, as that which allowed the operation of the Sharonville clinic.  Two of Haskell’s abortionists, Walter T. Bowers and Roslyn Kade have lost admitting priveleges.  Haskell replaced them with Chandra Gravely and Cindy Hansel, who have also been accused of negligence, and share at least seven malpractice suits between them, since 2000. Haskell failed to notify ODH of the two back up abortionists, and of their credentialing and disciplinary issues in a timely manner.  These and other difficulties have led to the order to close the Women’s Med Center.

Read the ODH order here. 

Cincinnati Right to Life has also reported on the closure.