Obama Care Application at Least as Bad as Your Tax Forms

According to the AP, (which usually shills for Obama),  the part one of the application for Obamacare is an excessively complex, 21 step, 15 page long process for a three person family.   This constitutes only the financial part of the process.  Later there is also the onerous job of picking the health care plan.

This form is mandated, and it will be interesting to see how well the semi-literate members of the population are able to comply.

About 10 years ago, Pharmer obtained  prior understanding  of this kind of burden,  from  a German citizen  who had  refused to fill out his government health care paperwork.  He said that because of this, he had no health care coverage.

Those who are unable to navigate the new Obamacare system should expect to similarly find themselves out in the cold with respect to “healthcare for all”. 


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  1. how do u even apply to this i have been tring since last week to apply for obama care ….