Pro-life nurses win major court battle (

Pro-life nurses win major court battle (

Twelve nurses of the same surgery unit at University of Medicine and Dentistry Hospital, one of New Jersey’s largest health care facilities, have won their suit, and will not be forced to participate in abortion procedures.

Yet to be determined are the reprisals and scheduling problems which might crop up asĀ  a result of their dissent. U.S. District Judge Jose Linares says that he will retain jurisdiction over the case to monitor and rule on any disputes which might arise as the decision is enforced.

Perhaps the hospital will recognize the public relations problem of coercing participation in abortion, and allow the nurses to practice in peace.

Congratulations to the courageous nurses and the lawyers of the Alliance Defense Fund on their victory.

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  1. Good guys win another one….it'll need to be monitored and followed upon if hospital admin violates agreement and retaliates

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