Santa Claus Killing: The Motive Is No Longer Important

“Motive is not really the primary point right now,” Dearing said. “It’s more along the lines of what happened, how it transpired and making sure that who we believe to be the shooter is the shooter. Motive is what comes afterward for us if we can get it.”

Why is the motive for so many other crimes considered  so important that it increases the penalty?

What diminishes the media curiosity about the motives for the complete erasure of two families in Grapevine, TX? Even though the shooter, Aziz Yasdanpanah,  also killed himself in this case,  the search for the reasons seems  remarkably muted in media accounts.

Is it easier for this killing to be superficially attached to Christmas holiday stress, rather than problems in a Iranian  family’s dynamics?

See “Puzzling” text from Yasdanpanah.