School Firedrill Forces Freshman in Swimsuit Out into Frozen Wasteland

“Minnesota School Freezes Live Student”, says National Review.

After a couple of generations of lefties controlling public schools, students are taught to be sheep by educators who were taught to be sheep.  Natural selection will not be kind.

Winter temperatures regularly dip below zero degrees F in Minnesota, but human adaptation to this appears to be incomplete.  When  Como Park High School in St. Paul  experienced an unplanned  fire drill, 14 year old Kayona Hagen-Tietz was forced to stand outside for 10 minutes in a wet bathing suit.  Yes, it is bad news to jump from the swimming pool and stand outside barefoot in the winter.  (A teacher had apparently prevented her from retrieving her clothes). Como Park has rules, so students can’t jump into a teacher’s car to stay warm, and Kayona was not permitted to run to the nearby elementary school.  Fortunately some students gave her a sweatshirt for her feet and huddled around her.   A teacher gave her a jacket. They had to seek special permission to let Kayona sit in a car until the fire drill was over.

That  unfortunately took too long.  Kayona now has frostbite, and her mother comments that she would be legally penalized for treating her child as the school did.