Sep 12

Bugs R Us: Birth Control Pills Associated with Increased Staph aureus Colonization

Hormonal contraceptive use and persistent Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage.

In the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases comes a study out of Germany, which finds higher incidence of Staph Aureus colonization in users of birth control pills.
Specifically, Gurls on the pill are 1.88 times more likely to have a positive nasal swab for Staph aureus, than females not taking the pill. The nose is where these bugz like to hide out. It’s warm and wet in there.
Those big sweaty guys are 1.57 times more likely then the demure and natural girls, not taking BC pills, to carry Staph in the nares.

The infectious disease docs think that this extra pool of staph carriers, associated with widespread use of the birth control pills, might significantly increase the reservoir of these bacteria in human populations, and the transmission of these pathogens to vulnerable individuals.

Our probes are pointing towards Sandra Fluke and the bulk users of BC pills at the steamy Georgetown University School of Law. Would they allow sampling from their nasal gardens of bacterial delights?

Sep 12

Birth Controlling the High School Herds in New York City

EXCLUSIVE: New York City high schools giving students morning-after pills and other birth control, without telling parents – NYPOST.com.

The Department of Education has expanded their “CATCH” Program (which involves giving birth control pills, Plan B and Depo-Provera to girls without parental consent) to 13 New York high schools. Parents can opt out of the program by FINDING a piece of paperwork allowing them to opt out, and signing it. The so-called information telling parents of this form has resulted in only a 1-2 percent response.

Prescriptions for the drugs are supplied by Health Department physicians. This can be obtained by seeing a school nurse, and taking a pregnancy test.
From the NY Post:
“We can’t give out a Tylenol without a doctor’ s order,” said a school staffer. “Why should we give out hormonal preparations with far more serious possible side effects, such as blood clots and hypertension?”

Last year, New York City boasted a 64% abortion rate among 7000 girls under 17 who got pregnant.
Watch and see if this program of giving out pills at high schools has any effect on the statistics.

Pharmer wonders who is the brainiac behind this new “CATCH-bugs” program, which is likely to boost the incidence of STDs in the area, now that girls will have less incentive to abstain or use barriers.

The following schools are listed by the NY Post as participating in the program to pass out birth control hormones to kids without parental consent. Adlai Stevenson and Grace Dodge in The Bronx; Boys and Girls, Clara Barton, W.H. Maxwell Career and Technical Education, Abraham Lincoln and Paul Robeson in Brooklyn; John Adams, Newcomers, Queens Vocational and Technical, and Voyagers in Queens; High School of Fasion Industries in Chelesa, and Port Richmond on Staten Island.
Seward Park Campus in lower Manhattan was dropped from the program because the school medical office couldn’t keep up with the business.

Feb 12

Pfizer: Whoopsie Baby!

Pfizer Recalls Birth-Control Pills – WSJ.com.

Pfizer recalls Birth Control Pills: Lo/Ovral-28 and the generic Norgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets due to a packaging error. Over a million dose-packs are recalled, but the company states a belief that only 30 packs are affected. One user alerted the company on Oct 19, that her blister pack had a pink (inactive) pill where a white (active pill should have been. The recall was announced at the end of January.

The recall has the ambulance chasers drooling and people wondering how to blame their pregnancies on the drug manufacturer, regardless of the real reason for failure.

The FDA lists the lots numbers and products involved in the recall.

Jan 12

Welcome to Dhimmitude, Pro-lifers

Obama admin: birth control mandate is final; bishops vow to fight | LifeSiteNews.com.

“In effect, the president is saying we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences,” said Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

From the statement above, you think the U.S. Catholic Bishops have a plan for dealing with their most favored President Obama?

There’s a debate over at JillStanek.com to see if people think the Bishops will stand up to Obama, or will they begin covering the pill, or will the religiously affiliated institutions  pay the Dhimmi tax in order to be allowed not to cover the birth control pill.

The Dhimmi tax is the amount of money that religiously run hospitals would have to pay for each employee, in order to stop health care coverage for them.  This tax will start out at two thousand dollars per individual, and increase from there.

In many Muslim governed  countries,  people of other religions have to pay additional taxes in order to be permitted to live in the country and practice their own religion.     This is a perfectly good word to apply to the new relationship of pro-life religions to the dominant statist religion, which is coercing religiously run institutions to contribute to the  state program of reproductive control.

I am wondering what will happen when the Muslim physicians, pharmacists and nurses  decide that they have a problem with the coercive policies of the Obama administration,  as have the Muslim health caregivers in Europe.
The reason that Europe is allowing some religious dissent to the abortion culture, is not because of the Christians.  They already gave in.   It’s mostly the Muslims who rolled the abortion coercion back a bit, by refusing to cooperate.  The governments have sufficient fear of the Muslims that they’re afraid to deny them  the freedom to not abort.
Sorry to say, there is a significant social drawback to turning the other cheek.
So far, it appears that the Bishops will eventually   do what they did in Canada…  let the government have its way, with minimal resistance.  Pharmer would like for this prediction to be wrong.


Jan 12

Crony Capitalism at the FDA – Comes Back To Bite

Medical News: FDA Yaz Panel Had Ties to Industry – in Washington-Watch, FDA General from MedPage Today.

Some of the panalists on the FDA advisory committee which endorsed the Yaz and Yazmin branded birth control pills, had ties to Bayer, the manufacturer of those pills.

The panelists of the Reproductive Drugs Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory committee  jointly voted 15 to 11  that the benefits of drosperinone-containing BCPs outweighed the risks.

Some  members reported their financial  ties to Bayer,  and the FDA thought that was just fine, and not a conflict of interest sufficient for their exclusion from the advisory groups.

Sidney Wolfe, MD, of Public Citizen comsumer advocacy group had opposed that class of birth control pills due to risk of thromboembolism.   His role on the advisory committee was reduced to non-voting status due to his ‘intellectual conflicts’.

Intellectual conflict = bad.  Financial conflict = good.

What goes around, comes around, and Bayer has to feed the lawyers now, after years of untoward post-marketing experience.

Was this an purposefully  constructed food chain?


Aug 11

As Pharmer Deals with Young Female Stroke and DVT Patients Who Have Been On the Pill..

Insurers must cover birth control with no copays – Yahoo! News.

Yes, the Obama administration considers the pill to be more necessary for women than all other drugs, so it must be covered by insurance companies with NO COPAY.

Sebelius is supposedly offering an out for religious institutions which have objection to the pill,  but who in their right mind  would expect that to last?

We pack the hormones in special safe handling packages for dispensing, because the World Health Organization rates them as a carcinogen, and the Obamanators think that all women of reproductive age need these things.  Pharmer is less worried about the cancer, and more worried about the thrombotic events and metabolic disorders, as well as thinking that women should not be chemically  altered to control the rate of reproduction.  The hormones also bear the possibility of ethically unacceptable mechanisms of action- causing the deaths of early human embryos.

Gurls,  we are going to have to JUST SAY “NO” TO DRUGS, and learn how to time the baby making  to the size of the ability to raise them using safer, natural means.

Jan 11

The Ideological Opponents Bow to Pharmer’s Correctness


Planned Parenthood: ‘Personhood’ Amendment a product of ‘radical anti-choice extremists’ | Florida Independent: News. Politics. Media.

“Stephanie Kunkel, executive director of the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, says her organization is taking the initiative “seriously,” pointing out that the amendment could lead to bans on birth control.”

Yes, the girls at planned unparenthood  acknowledge, after years of denial, the correctness of pharmacists who avoided dispensing various hormonal forms of birth control, in order to avoid involvment in killing humans- very early in development.

Recognizing that humanity is intrinsic, from the very start of development,  would cause BIRTH CONTROL PILLS to be outlawed, they fret.

“If passed, the result would not only ban abortion, but would go so far as to ban most common forms of birth control. … .”

Thank you for acknowledging that hormonal birth control can operate by   interceptive/abortive mechanisms,  GRRRLS.