The Ideological Opponents Bow to Pharmer’s Correctness


Planned Parenthood: ‘Personhood’ Amendment a product of ‘radical anti-choice extremists’ | Florida Independent: News. Politics. Media.

“Stephanie Kunkel, executive director of the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, says her organization is taking the initiative “seriously,” pointing out that the amendment could lead to bans on birth control.”

Yes, the girls at planned unparenthood  acknowledge, after years of denial, the correctness of pharmacists who avoided dispensing various hormonal forms of birth control, in order to avoid involvment in killing humans- very early in development.

Recognizing that humanity is intrinsic, from the very start of development,  would cause BIRTH CONTROL PILLS to be outlawed, they fret.

“If passed, the result would not only ban abortion, but would go so far as to ban most common forms of birth control. … .”

Thank you for acknowledging that hormonal birth control can operate by   interceptive/abortive mechanisms,  GRRRLS.