Bugs R Us: Birth Control Pills Associated with Increased Staph aureus Colonization

Hormonal contraceptive use and persistent Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage.

In the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases comes a study out of Germany, which finds higher incidence of Staph Aureus colonization in users of birth control pills.
Specifically, Gurls on the pill are 1.88 times more likely to have a positive nasal swab for Staph aureus, than females not taking the pill. The nose is where these bugz like to hide out. It’s warm and wet in there.
Those big sweaty guys are 1.57 times more likely then the demure and natural girls, not taking BC pills, to carry Staph in the nares.

The infectious disease docs think that this extra pool of staph carriers, associated with widespread use of the birth control pills, might significantly increase the reservoir of these bacteria in human populations, and the transmission of these pathogens to vulnerable individuals.

Our probes are pointing towards Sandra Fluke and the bulk users of BC pills at the steamy Georgetown University School of Law. Would they allow sampling from their nasal gardens of bacterial delights?