Boston College Wants to Discipline Students for Handing out Condoms

Administrators at Jesuit-run Boston College have sent out warnings of possible disciplinary action to students who have been passing out free condoms on campus.

Students have established so called “safe sites” on campus for distributing the prophylactic devices for males and females.  As readers know,  condoms and the premarital free for all is against Catholic teaching.  While the  administrators are not spying in individual dorm rooms for condoms and sex, they object to the public distribution at their institution.

One might expect that students who desired to attend a Catholic institution might have some respect for the religious sensibilities and teachings, even if they do not fully concur.  But we have learned, from Sandra (the riveted) Fluke that some students attend these institutions for the purpose of tearing them down.   The condom distribution is said to have been occurring since 2009.  Perhaps the practice has become extremely overt, or perhaps an administrator finally mustered the courage to address the issue.

A Washington DC group,  “Advocates for Youth, is donating $400 each semester for condom distribution at Boston College according to the Boston Globe.

It appears that the local ACLU is ready to jump into the fray.  Perhaps this would not be so bad.  If the Jesuits lose this argument in the legal arena, it might be a step towards smaller government.

If the ACLU can establish that penalties against  handing out condoms in public at a religious educational institution, are unconstitutional  then we can establish that laws against smoking in public are likewise unconstitutional.  Remember…. condoms don’t stop the spread of HPV (genital warts), etc.  In fact, new STI cases VASTLY outpace  than new jobs AND  new graduates in the United States, with an estimated 19.7 million new infections in 2008, says the CDC. This costs the nation $16 billion in direct health care costs per year.   On these bases ‘Nanny’ Bloomberg and Michelle Obama would have to shut down their obsessive-compulsive meddling.

Boston College need not “discipline” the students for their undiplomatic and discourteous treatment of their educational institution and its traditions.   Instead, the students  could be “praised” online with video and verse, and in letters of recommendation, for their very public “concern” for  the sexual health and availability of their fellow students.  Particular attention could be paid to the students who pass out condoms in front of the church.  That information would remain as searchable as the facebooks, resume, and other activities of the students, and help to  track them into appropriate career paths.  😉

“BUGS ‘R’ US”, says the CDC.


Sandra Fluke: Time Magazine ‘Person of the Year’ Finalist

TIME Honors Sandra Fluke as ‘Person of the Year’ Finalist.

That thirty-something Georgetown Student who had enough money for the 50,000 per year tuition at her upscale law-school, but who cried for public support of her birth control pills, could be Time Magazine’s person of the year!!

Pharmer might have been more sympathetic had Fluke cried for public support of her valacyclovir,  clindamycin, metronidazole, ceftriaxone, azithromycin, doxycycline, benzathine penicillin, imiquimod, or whatever antiretroviral she might need in the future.  After all, those are used to treat infectious disease states, which she might inadvertently obtain while plying her wares.

Time’s symbol of our times is a whining, useless, dysfunctional female, crying for tax support of her demand for  recreational drugs and devices.

It must be the Year of the Parasite.

Will we also be expected to buy her personal massager, once she becomes so nastaaay that no guy will get near her?

You can cast your vote for or against the parasite of the year right HERE.

Bugs R Us: Birth Control Pills Associated with Increased Staph aureus Colonization

Hormonal contraceptive use and persistent Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage.

In the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases comes a study out of Germany, which finds higher incidence of Staph Aureus colonization in users of birth control pills.
Specifically, Gurls on the pill are 1.88 times more likely to have a positive nasal swab for Staph aureus, than females not taking the pill. The nose is where these bugz like to hide out. It’s warm and wet in there.
Those big sweaty guys are 1.57 times more likely then the demure and natural girls, not taking BC pills, to carry Staph in the nares.

The infectious disease docs think that this extra pool of staph carriers, associated with widespread use of the birth control pills, might significantly increase the reservoir of these bacteria in human populations, and the transmission of these pathogens to vulnerable individuals.

Our probes are pointing towards Sandra Fluke and the bulk users of BC pills at the steamy Georgetown University School of Law. Would they allow sampling from their nasal gardens of bacterial delights?

Her Parents Must Be So Proud that She Needs US to Buy her Birth Control

How would you like to be nationally famous for needing other people to buy your birth control pills?

What a legacy! Sandra Fluke is an accomplished left-gurl: Incompetent, needy, and demanding. Oh, and did Pharmer forget the flora and fauna? A veritable garden of microbial delights.

Click below to see the Obama-touting email signed by this democrat operative.

Sandra Fluke Sends Official Email on Behalf of Obama Calling Republicans ‘Dangerous for Women’ |

Friend of Naral Voting with Empty …. Uterus

Found at Jill Stanek’s place:  NARAL: Think with uterus, not brain.

Here’s the tweet:

RT @ Stoleneggs: um… I think I just voted with my uterus. I took my ballot and looked up the names for @NARAL endorsements.

So we have a vote from the uterus, which the owner keeps empty, using  birth control/sterilization/abortion.  Likewise, she’s keeping her brain hollow too.

Click that top link to see what else Jill has to say about whacky Utero-centrism.

Guess who is expected to introduce Obama on the campaign trail, in Denver?  Empty uterus, Sandra Fluke!


Kathleen Sebelius is the Beta Version of Sandra Fluke

Both the Beta and the marketed version of the Birth Control Gurl program are equally worthless with respect to output content, but as you can see below,  Kathleen Sebelius, the Beta version, delivers the output haltingly as though there is a misconfiguration of  the audio output device driver.

Watch the fun as Congressman Trey Gowdy questions Sebelius on her efforts to examine the constitutionality of the HHS mandate.

Arby’s Drops Advertizing with Rush

Arby’s would be doing better if it didn’t keep shooting itself in the foot all the time. The latest e pic Fail is the restaurant chain’s tardy decision to drop advertizing on the Rush Limbaugh show, in response to Rush insulting sluts and prostitutes by comparing Sandra Fluke to them.
Naturally this decision resulted in negative  responses  from people on Twitter. Arbys decided to shoot its other foot for symmetry, says THIS article on the Blaze:  they blocked those who responded negatively to its decision.
Take time to read HERE.. You’ll be laughing at  Arbys  for pretending that if they can’t see the customer complaints, they must not be happening.

Sandra Fluke: Poster Child of a Progressive America

Sandra Fluke: Poster Child of a Progressive America. <-- You must click on this article by Krayton Kerns DVM, who is presently Montana State Rep. HD # 58, but should consider a run for national office. His blog earns links on the sidebar. From the article: "I pulled out my imaginary photo albums and reminisced about the free-love college days in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Things were different then. I remember John earning $1000 per month for sex at Colorado State University, so contraceptive costs were meaningless to him. Let me tell you about John.