Woman Eaten Alive by Maggots

Here’s a gross media contribution from just across the state line, about a Cincinnati woman’s untimely death. Apparently Jorene White, a sufferer from severe arthritis, was found in bed, with maggots eating the dead flesh of her bedsores, after a call to the police from her husband Darrell White.

Mr. White is in prison, accused of causing her death by neglect. Upon his arrest, he stated that his wife refused medical help, they did not have money for that help, and that he cared for her the best he could.

The woman in some audible reports was said to have been bedridden for 15 years.

There are a number of problems in this story of neglect. Two adults other than Mr. White and his wife are said to have shared that abode. He is the only one charged. While it is certain that Jorene White’s care was inadequate, it is not at all certain that any malice or intention to cause harm was involved. Obviously Mr. White was not well equipped for the exhausting, 24/7  job, and this condition applies to the majority of people.

The news story details no background leading up to this sad state of affairs.

The news story (styled for shock value) fails to acknowledge that many people, of little means, die from neglect due to lack of awareness that medical care is available for them. The media lie that 49 million Americans have no access to care has deeply sunken roots, and has caused many not to seek the existing medical help. We look forward now to the looming, rationed obama-care which that media lie was designed to bring about.

Maggots abound in the summer and are happy to offer free debridement services, removing necrotic tissue from any open sore which is not visible and regularly cleaned by professionals or other caregivers. Jorene White is among multitudes who have been found in this condition, in the U.S..

A note on the correct way to obtain medical maggot therapy, so as to avoid the extra media flagellation suffered by Mr. White:
Maggots are classed as a medical device, and a prescription is required to obtain them for wound debridement. For those without means to pay click here to learn about financial assistance for maggot therapy.

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