Your Tax Dollars at Work: Promoting Sadomasochism to Teens

Part of the  Fungible Funds of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, (which received $2.75 million taxpayer dollars in 2012) are going towards the promotion of sadomasochism and discipline and bondage to Teens.

The Naked Notion Project discusses all sorts of sexual topics in its video series.  The Getting Kinky (BDSM 101) video marks October as national kink month and a good opportunity to talk about bondage and sadomasochism.  BDSM is touted as distinct from abuse, and is claimed  to ‘rely upon and create trust’.

Read more at CNS to see what happened when reporters tried to ask PPNNE president Meagan Gallagher and various legislators from New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont whether tax dollars should fund an effort to promote BDSM to teens.

Can you guess what might fill the time of unemployed teens and young adults if the “educational efforts” of PPNNE take hold?  ‘Shades of Gray’ and maybe black and blue.

And you thought that taxes would be spent to stimulate shovel ready jobs and development of infrastructure.