German Researchers have Discovered Who Will Recycle Jews as Focus of Hate

Researchers Were ‘Very Surprised’ to Discover Few Right-Wingers Sent Anti-Semitic Hate Mail, but Here’s Who Did |

When lefties need to manipulate society in order to take control, they single out a scapegoat group upon which frustrated people can focus their hatred.

The NAZI’s used the Jews for that purpose, and it seems that it’s going to be “Deja Vu All Over Again”.

A German group has corroborated what yours truly has observed.  It’s not the right wing extremists who currently express hatred of Jews.  It’s the Intelligentsia: those ensconced in professional and academic positions as a result of their political correctness.  They sense impending economic destruction and they’re taking out their frustration on the Jews and Israel, (because they’d be afraid to take any other responsible groups to task for the world’s troubles).

Oddly, there are some leftie Jews who seem to relish the abuse.  That’s just too weird.