Obama Unveils “My Brother’s Keeper Initiative” to Derisive Laughter

Sorry, Barrie, this public display of social concern is not going to fly.   Too many people remember the sad tales of your Auntie Zeituni Onyango, Uncle Omar (Onyango Obama), and your very impoverished brother, George Hussein Obama in Nairobi, who petitioned  his ‘brother’ Dinesh D’Souza for help with medical expenses.

Barrie.. you since have sicced the IRS on D’Souza for letting that story out, and for his other criticisms of your hypocritical self.

Your latest  initiative to do something for Black American’s whose unemployment problem has skyrocketed under your administration, using everyone else’s money, is going to earn you more richly deserved disrespect .. DOUBLY so if it is as ineffective as your Obamacare program.

The problem is…….. we can’t decide who is more lame,  you, or the currently stupid Republican establishment, which is going along for the ride with you.

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