Is your Masters Thesis Cited by the IPCC??

It’s one embarrassment after another for the UN and IPCC, as their latest report, published in 2007 is further exposed to public scrutiny.

Now we find out, not only that the ‘glacial shrinking’ data is erroneous, but that it was based upon a 1999 interview with a single glaciologist, in Climbing magazine as mentioned previously here, as well as…………a student’s ‘dissertation’ for the equivalent of a master’s degree in Geology.

The claim from the UK Sunday Telegraph is that neither source had undergone the kind of peer review sufficient for publication in scientific research journals.

Pharmer (having done research which is published in peer reviewed journals), notes that it’s possible for the above mentioned collections of glacial melting anecdotes to have been reformatted, re-analysed and published in other forms with completely different conclusions. The IPCC might never have noticed, since its main political function appears to have been advocacy of global cooling.

Ellie Light? She’s a He!

Busted! Ellie Light, Obama’s prolific, letter writing fan, has been uncovered as a male health care worker associated with the Daily Kos, and a “social member” of the Huffington post. World Net Daily has provided his leftist resume for our convenience and credits Cleveland plain dealer for much of the info.
Winston Steward said he created this pen name to protect himself from physical attacks by conservatives. Apparently he expects from us with the SEIU members and other Obama goons have been delivering to conservative activists for years.

Steward certainly appears to be in touch with his feminine side. He’s not as blatant as Globe reporter Brian McGrory, but he really knows how to write like a woman.

Letting the Kid Live can be Controversial

This is especially true for famous people who decide to open up their personal lives. The most recent example is the super bowl ad planned by Focus on the Family with Tim Tebow and his mother Pam. CBS is being petitioned to cut this ad out of the Superbowl lineup because it is too controversial for the Tebow family to tell their story of choosing life and encourage others to do so.

Older pro lifers remember assurances from the abortion proponents, decades ago, that the fears that women would feel coercion to abort in the events of pregnancy complications and untoward fetal diagnoses were unfounded. But we knew what would happen. The time has arrived when women are openly criticized for allowing disabled babies to be born. Ninety percent of babies diagnosed prior to birth with Down syndrome are aborted. Sarah Palin is one example of those who are roundly criticized for not killing their babies prior to birth.

Pro abortion groups feel unashamed to request the suppression of free speech exercised in this super bowl ad. Tim Tebow’s very life has become an issue of controversy.

James O’Keefe Arrested in Louisiana

A very thin story describes O’Keefe and three other men involved in a caper at the office of Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. O’Keefe is said to have been recording the activities of two others dressed as telephone repairmen as they handled a phone in the office and asked for access to controls in a telephone closet. Little else is known about what actually transpired.

The primary result so far is that OKeefe has gotten mainstream media exposure for his work in bringing the malfeasance of ACORN to light. This coverage will continue as the Louisiana legal system proceeds with the investigations and trial.
It appears that America will not be able to forget those films by O’Keefe and Giles, showing ACORN employees directing them how to run child prostitution businesses in several different cities.

Some curious information about Sen Landrieu might also come to light during legal proceedings should the Senator not ask for the charges to be dropped.

Others arrested in conjunction with this activity are Robert Flanagan and Joseph Basel, (the two ‘telephone repairmen’) and Stan Dai, who was said to be involved in planning.

Robert Flanagan is the son of son of acting U.S. Attorney Bill Flanagan.

Obama’s Most Energetic Fan, Ellie Light

With more residences than the Kerrys and the McCains combined, Ellie Light is a most prolific supporter of Obama nationwide. Her output is being tracked most energetically at Patterico’s Pontifications, in a post that lists 73 letters to newspapers in the US and around the world, with many more added in the comment section.

Suspicion is cast upon Ms. Light, suggesting that she’s a paid perma-campaigner, trying to explain the travails of the commander in chief to the nation. Many of us have seen the like camped out in political blogs and chatrooms for so many hours per day, that they had to be getting a salary for the work.

Pharmer’s guess is that Obama has to pay for his plastic grass roots.

Mesmerizing the Primary School Kids

Watch, (briefly- thankfully) as Obama addresses these schoolkids with the help of his two teleprompters..

He’s apparently acting on the concern that he had not yet reached and instructed Americans on what’s good for them in the four hundred plus speeches he’s delivered in the first year of his presidency.

Bush Attending Indiana Pregnancy Center Benefit

because he wants to. When there are no more political points to score, we can see the genuineness of George W Bush in the way he spends his personal time.

Life Centers, a non-profit Christian Crisis pregnancy center will be the beneficiary of funds generated by this event, to be held on on April 15th. Helping this ministry remove business from Planned Parenthood is a fine way to forget tax day.

Grammy award winner Sandi Patty, will join the former president in addressing the gathering at Conseco Fieldhouse, in Indianapolis at 7pm.

More details at

DC Chancellor Claims Laid-off Teachers Abused Kids

Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of Washington DC schools stated in an interview that some of the 266 teachers laid off in October had abused kids sexually, or hit them. The prior reason given for the layoffs was budget cuts.

The Feb 2010 issue of Fast Company quoted the chancellor as follows: “I got rid of teachers who had hit children, who had had sex with children, who had missed 78 days of school.”
The difficulty is that this quote does not mesh with the absence of police reports about these supposed infractions, and the Teachers Union also claims no knowledge.
Michelle Rhee, who seems to have been unable to lift Washington DC schools out of the mire of low performance and high dropout rate, has some explaining to do.

If the statement is wrong, then the reputations of teachers have been ruined. If the statement is correct, then those teachers not guilty of abuse are smeared by the actions of those involved, while the abusers themselves have escaped criminal prosecution.


Glacial melting panic- Garbage in, Garbage Out

A report on Glacial Melting put out by the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been exposed as erroneous, and badly done.
It appears that the area of glaciation in the Himalayas has been greatly exaggerated in the report, and that massive melting of non-existent glacier bulk has been predicted by 2035.

Most interesting is the silence of people who immediately recognized the discrepancies in the report, which have only recently been brought to light.

The erroneous predictions of the report are said to originate with a 1999 interview of Syed Hasnain, who currently credits the reporter for supplying the date by which said glacial mass reduction was predicted to occur. Professor Hasnain claimed to have noticed the errors in the IPCC report in 2008 but declined to correct them.
This quote from Hasnain, excusing his failure to question the errors, illustrates the incredible damage done by suppressing dissent and debate in science:
“I was keeping quiet as I was working here,” he said. “My job is not to point out mistakes. And you know the might of the IPCC. What about all the other glaciologists around the world who did not speak out?”
One by one, the claims of the global warming cult are found to be unsubstantiated by data, after much energy has been wasted planning the economic ruin of developed countries, in order to counteract a non-existent problem.