Harry Reid Looks Forward to Some Abuse

Harry could use a teleprompter  sometimes.   Here is another one of his gems,  citing an increase in use of domestic crisis  shelters as evidence that joblessness is causing men to be more abusive at home.

Reid: ‘Men, when they’re out of work, tend to become abusive’ – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.

Need the jobs bill to keep guys from beating their wives, and perhaps make Nevada a more welcoming place for him????

Red Light Cameras Ruled Unconstitutional

Judge Puts Red Light on Red Light Cameras | NBC Miami.

The Miami Herald reports that a circuit judge has ruled the Aventura  red light cameras are unconstitutional.   The cops will have to do the work of catching drivers running past those “pink lights”.    Immediately after this announcement, a lawsuit was filed agains Hallendale Beach for the same.   Aventura city officials have not decided whether to challenge the ruling.

Toyota Closes Plant, Endures Further Attack from Obamathugs

Amid Toyota recalls, protest of auto plant closure – Sacramento Business, Housing Market News | Sacramento Bee.

Note that this plant was established as a joint venture between GM and Toyota, and Government motors will continue to implode.  A twenty hour per month helper for the CEO is not going to fix the problem of being run by the government.

Yes, Toyota could keep closing auto plants in the U.S.   Maybe they’ll shut down in all the blue states first.

You see,  Toyota  has noticed that the Democrats are Not Industry Friendly.

Whaddaya think was the first clue!!!

Pharmer’s hubby was getting the weather (only reason for checking the news these days) and mentioned a headline scrolling across the bottom of the screen:   Toyota boasting about saving millions by delaying recalls.   This was immediately recognized as B.S., as we are very familiar with what Japanese accept as proper public behavior.    So it was ignored, until seeing Tom Blumer  (an astute businessman) recognizing the same facts in his Newsbusters column, and kindly storing some nice references. Mr. Blumer concurs generally with the crew Down on the Pharm, that the owner of Government Motors is chopping up the competition in Chicago gangland fashion, and the worthless press is going along with it.

Waiting for that April Report on Stem Cell Banks

US scientists warn of fraud of stem cell ‘banks’.    Certain stem cell researchers are crying foul at the companies offering  expensive services  of collecting and storing umbilical cord stem cells.

Pharmer suggests reading the above linked article, and waiting for the April Report from the International Stem Cell Society.  There are two possible reasons for this effort to reduce  public expectations of the usefulness of storing embryonic stem cells.

One is that the storage companies might be raising unrealistic expectations of people storing a small  stem cell sample from the umbilical cord of their baby.

The other might be the need to push for more support and funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Wait and watch…….

*when reading the linked  article replace “fiberglass” with “fibroblast” til they get around to fixing it.

IRS Suicide Bombing, Further Information

A repeating theme from interviews of people who knew Joseph Stack is surprise that he could have flown his plane into the Austin, TX IRS building.

IRS worker killed in crash was family man – Washington Times.

The above article  ( Washington Times checks details pretty well) provides info about the other person  killed in the crash,  68 year old Vernon Hunter.  Hunter’s  son felt a need to speak publicly about him, in response to comments labeling the suicide pilot as an anti-IRS hero.

There is also an expression from Stack’s daughter from his first marriage, that the suicide note seems to be written by another person; that it is  unlike her father.  there is further information contradicting the previous  suggestion that Stack’s second wife and daughter had to be rescued from the burning home.  They had, instead,  been staying at a hotel, for reasons not given.

Love that Internet!

If there had been an internet back in the 30s and 40s Hitler would have crashed and burned long before millions were killed.

A decade and a half ago, without much knowledge at all, Pharmer started plugging a health care ethics  issue online, on other people’s message boards, until it became news internationally.  This Process took about two and a half years.

Now what happens on the  internet itself is the news, the real news media exists there, and any politician or media mogul can be heard passing gas on the other side of the world in seconds or hours.

Before most people knew how cool O’Keefe is (04-03-2008 to be exact),  Pharmer  linked and blogged his Planned Parenthood videos–  because he stung them for accepting donations earmarked to abort Black babies.

Down on the Pharm, We knew O’Keefe’s compatriots were NOT bugging Landrieu’s phones when that bogus conjecture came out.

Way to go, Andrew Breitbart.  It was so much fun to watch that liar Blumenthal get spanked.

Prolife Picketers at Churches

There’s a discussion  at Jill Stanek’s Blog about prolife protesters who picket at churches, in order to  awaken a response to the abortion holocaust.

There has been a  vast body of writing  at online prolife  forums from  another most colorful   church picketer.    He is now deceased, but should not be forgotten.   The Pharm  search  division connects the dots and brings you  this 2002 article about Robert Ferguson.

Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission | June 2002 | It’s a Lighthouse When We’re Standing Out There, by Christopher Zehnder.

Hey Libs, Obama Really Didn’t Mean That STuff About CEO Pay

Here’s Obama when he wanted your vote…. remember this? He was going to erase the evil of astronomical CEO salaries.

When Obama had a chance to regulate the pay of his very OWN Government Motors CEO…… $9 million, has just been approved, plus hiring him a helper, at almost $3 thousand per hour because, as you remember, Ed Whitaker ‘doesn’t know a thing about cars’!

GM CEO Whitacre receives $9M pay package – Yahoo! Finance.

Check out this video of Obama carrying on about the wall street CEO bonuses, telling them to cut their own pay.

Then watch February news  as he changes his mind……. well, those bonuses are suddenly OK again.    There’s also the pretense from the Obama-press that using stock to pay the bonuses is something new.  Those of us who have ever read business news know better.

Lefties, it appears that Obama is not going to solve your  bonus-envy issues  after all.

Why don’t you go buy some stock in the offending companies and show up at the shareholder’s meetings?

Not Needing to be Liked

It seems that Andrew Breitbart is going to speak his mind no matter what anyone thinks.

So it won’t matter to him if Pharmer likes him for that.

Breitbart to NY Times Reporter for Alleging Racial Tones at CPAC: ‘You’re a Despicable Human Being’ | NewsBusters.org.

He’s been using his spotlight time for some well deserved ripping on the Mainstream media.

A little more whipping to go with that ripping…….. to CNN and all the other losers for misbranding Joe Stack, the suicide IRS bomber,  as a tea partier, or conservative.   Anyone who reads his suicide note would know better.    He was a lib, mad at the world….   somewhat like bang bang Amy Bishop, the Obamaphilic academic shootist.

Public Display of Dementia

Addled by adulation,  Elton John attempts to recast Jesus Christ in his own image. | The Sun-Bizarre.

Ya,  the headlines are fun today, but there’s no need to bother with ol Tiger doing what he had to do to keep the career afloat.

However, this story of a Moscow Ohio man bulldozing his house,  rather than allow the bank to have it in foreclosure is interesting, though unfortunately too lacking in detail to determine which person is demented,  the former homeowner or the bank  loan administrator.  It could be a guy protesting the bank’s refusal to accept his payoff, or it could be just the media dragging the banks through the mud once more.

UPDATE – Elton John directly  states that he truly was recasting Jesus Christ in his own image.   So I guess we agree on that. 2/21 4:46pm