Just another Liberal Bigot

Humberto Fontova would like for you to know that MSNBC’s  Donny Deutsch is a bigot, and Pharmer is more than happy to help.

Deutsch is upset by the recalcitrantly republican Cubans.   If  a lot of your associates and friends  are first, second or third generation Cuban imports to America, you will know that about 90 percent of them  lean heavily to the right politically.   These people know the problems of communism, appreciate American values, and are interested in CONSERVING them.  It makes sense that so many Cubans  habitually  cast a right wing vote.

For those of you unfamiliar with Deutsch’s terminology, “coconut” is to Hispanics as  “oreo” is to Blacks.   People with an infusion of black or brown skin color, or any mix thereof,  are expected by the Liberals to be mentally impaired as a result of this pigmentation, and are thought to need help from the government in order to survive.  The racist, bigot lefties consider anyone of independent streak, who refuses help from the government, and prefers to fend for himself to be not fitting their stereotype for those with black or brown skin.   From this attitude comes the disparaging language mentioned above.

South Dakota Physicians Will Not Do Abortions

Meet Carol Ball, who travels weekly to perform abortions at the Planned Parenthood Facility in Sioux Falls, SD. Peter Sleven of the Washington Post provides a  friendly writeup of this abortion provider, now advanced in years, who travels weekly to perform the most common, routine surgical procedure in the US, but one  that no resident physician in South Dakota will do.

Sleven recalls the shooting of  George  Tiller in this article, and this famous late term abortionist of Kansas  is likely to be  memorialized in every such article for years to come.    It is notable  that cops, who are willfully killed in the line of duty, are not similarly remembered by the journalists.  Perhaps the burden of recalling so many names, or even one per article,  is too cumbersome.

Also notable in this account is that age  or time seems to reduce  the  worry about what other people  think.    At this stage in her life,  Carol Ball  will publicly admit that she works for Planned Parenthood.  In her younger years, she would simply mention, when asked,  that she was an obstetrician and gynecologist.

Obama Care will Create Jobs sez Pelosi

ALMOST IMMEDIATELY,   the Bug eyed Nancy, claims. Please watch this clueless woman.  Remember, Obamacare doesn’t kick in until after that guy is gone from office.   The Dems intend to be retired in other countries by the time the  people who lack  religious constraints understand what has happened, and are mad enough  to choke them.

Docs cut work hours as primary care shortage looms – Yahoo! News.  Already a review of what’s going on in Obamatown  shows that government regulation has created a bunch of employee docs who are not willing to work the long hours they once did.   With unionized health care, that 400,000 extra bodies  (of a quality you would not want providing care for you)  will not be providing the increase in care that is needed.

Obamanator met the Republicans today, gave them very little time to speak, and informed them of what we already knew.   Their opinion  (AND THE PLAN WHICH THEY PROVIDED TO HIM IN ADVANCE)  do not matter one bit.

The DEMOCRAT debacle will be rammed down our throats using the NUCLEAR OPTION which the Democrats decried so vehemently,, (calling it a constitutional crisis)  in 2005.   All over the net you can find video of Obama and Dems speaking against the process used for budget reconciliation, which allows no filibuster.   The democrats will be using this same process to force through the Obamacare,  which is opposed by 75 % of Americans.

Keith Olberman, Just another Failure of the Education System

Over at Newsbusters, Noel Shepherd caught excessively liberal Olberman displaying that he has no understanding of the causes of birth defects, and those listed as being influenced by prior abortions.  Boy-Keith was trying to imply that the association of abortions with some birth defects suggests  that Palin might have had an abortion.

Abortions can cause damage to the reproductive tract, most particularly increasing the problem of incompetent cervix. This leads to premature births, and the related congenital problems associated with prematurity. There are also some troubles associated with failed attempts to abort medically.

Down Syndrome is most often the result of trisomy 21, (three copies of 21st chromosome). This follows a nondisjunction event, during meiotic division to produce the gametes (sperm or oocytes) , unevenly allocating three copies of that chromosome to a resultant human individual. The entire chromosome need not be involved, There is Robertsonian translocation in which the critical part of the 21st chromosome might be attached to the 14th chromosome for example. This can be displayed phenotypically as down syndrome. There is also a minor mechanism producing Mosaicism, in which uneven chromosomal distribution occurs in cell divisions of the developing embryo.

You can see from the above mechanistic explanations that these have nothing to do with prior abortion events.

The imperfect chromosomal distributions occuring in the cell divisions are associated with pregnancies later in life, and this was the case for Palin’s fifth child, Trig.

Olberman has displayed that he has NO idea what causes Down syndrome, and was too lazy to check before he made a fool of himself.

Anyone with energy and Olberman’s email address,  feel free to forward this to him, if it so amuses you.

“I did not sign away my right to get the best possible health care for myself when I entered politics.”

Did Labrador and Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams say RIGHT!!!  to the BEST HEALTH CARE….. NOT to be found in CANADA!

via The Canadian Press: ‘My heart, my choice,’ Williams says, defending decision for U.S. heart surgery.

Yes he did, and the insane incongruity of it all is absolutely hilarious.

News Flash for Canadians,  Obama is trashing your right to pursue the best health care.    Hope Ya’ll don’t mind.

Dr. Temple Grandin

The rural dwellng Pharmer has been a fan of Temple Grandin for many years, due to her contributions to the understanding and humane treatment of cattle. She underwent considerable personal struggle, growing up with autism, and there’s been an attempt at HBO to convey this in a movie.   No comments are provided here on the quality of that film, having not viewed it yet.    There’s no cable TV Down on the Pharm.

Linked below is some news of  Eustacia Cutler,  Temple Grandin’s mom, who has revealed much about the difficulties bringing up an autistic kid before that problem was as well documented or understood.

Temple Grandin’s Mother Offers Words of Hope | Washington Times Communities.

Dr. Temple Grandin herself has produced a large body of writing on her own experiences with autism and the applicability of her unusual perceptive abilities to her accomplishments in bovine  science.    Very cool stuff is to be found at her website.

Wandering Grandin-land….